The Ultimate Bucket-List

By on September 10, 2015

By Alexandra Ashton –

We all have ambitions and goals we want to accomplish in our lifetimes but sometimes when work and family become a priority, we can lose track of what we want to do – ourselves.

Thankfully, the latest infographic from Key Retirement reminds us that having a bucket list can be one of the most effective ways in realizing our goals and to do them! Have you always wanted to learn a new language? You are not alone. According to Key Retirement’s latest survey, 44% of the 1000 over 50’s asked said that they too wanted to, but just hadn’t found the time yet.

Maybe you have felt like you have not given enough back, rather it’s through volunteer work, charities or your local community and you want to help out those less fortunate, or maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book or even take a train trip around Europe. Everyone’s ‘bucket list’ will be different and reflect each other’s own personal goals – but it’s never too late to do what you want to do.

Reflect on the life you’ve built and expand the horizons of the possibilities out there. What are you planning on doing next?

Have a look at the infographic below for some useful suggestions on where your bucket list can lead you.

The Ultimate Bucket List



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The Ultimate Bucket-List