The Best Seasonal Meals for Healthy Women Over 50

By on December 15, 2021
seasonal meals

It is the most wonderful time of the year. A time filled with family and friends, and most often around a table with food! Some seasonal meals like roasted turkey may be traditional, but if you are looking for something else to serve up, there are many great options.

Cook tasty and nutritious meals without oil, stirring, burning, boiling over, or sticking with AirTaste’s patented air-layer technology. Here are some of LivingBetter50’s best seasonal meals that make time spent with others even more enjoyable!

Steamed Salmon 

A very quick and easy meal that is healthy and delicious. Steam the salmon straight from the freezer to defrost and cook the salmon pieces. Add lemon and a variety of your favorite herbs to flavor while cooking. The Air Taste cookware does a great job in allowing you to defrost and cook meat all at the same time!

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Vegetable Medley without Oil or Water

seasonal mealsCooking with steam helps in conserving the fiber, color, texture, and flavor of vegetables. It also helps in preserving the water-soluble B & C vitamins, potassium, phosphorus & zinc so that one can gain the important nutrients from boiled vegetables. Cut and put all the colorful vegetables together in your pot with Air-Layer and steam them till they are soft and juicy. Add some spices to your liking and this easy, healthy meal is ready to serve.

Greek Lamb Chops in One

seasonal mealsThe traditional meat of the Greeks is lamb. Lamb has more health-promoting omega 3 fatty acids and less marbling of fat within the meat compared to beef. Placing the lamb chop and vegetables into the same pot with Air-Layer allows for convenient cooking and is an excellent option to get all the vegetable and meat juices flowing together.

Cook rice with no messy boil overs

If you are like me, cooking is always a messy affair. To get soft fluffy rice to pair with your meal (without the mess) try the pot with Air-Layer.

In a conventional pot — where temperatures vary by over 200 degrees between the edges and the center — wild convection currents are formed as the hot water rises solely from the center. With AirTaste, the heat comes from all directions, creating a controlled steady cooking experience. Free from boil overs and messes.

Enjoying time together over the holiday time means less time in the kitchen and more time with each other. The simple yet tasty meal options will maximize your socializing time!

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The Best Seasonal Meals for Healthy Women Over 50