How to Stop Alcohol Taking Over Your Life

By on November 22, 2019

Part of our job as parents is to send our children to renowned universities in order to prepare them for their future. But do you know that part of this supposed “college life” also involves drinking? As horrifying as it may sound but nearly 80% of the college population has experienced the effects of binge drinking, college drinking, as they call it. Reports show that 4 out of 5 students drink alcoholic beverages and more than half of the college population is said to binge drink. A harmless glass can lead to a bottle and a seemingly harmless bottle can lead to more. Eventually, your tolerance to alcohol will build up leading you to get addicted to it.

While there is nothing wrong with occasional drinking, what makes it dangerous is when it turns into an addiction. When a person frequently drinks, his or her chances of developing AUD or alcohol use disorder heightens.

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Alcoholism or otherwise known as alcohol use disorder is a diagnosis given to a person who has become dependent on alcohol; it is an addiction or a mental illness characterized by frequent heavy drinking. Do you do know someone who suffers from a drinking problem? If you do, suggest they seek Charlotte Addiction Treatment Center.

What Are The Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

It is important to be familiar with the warning signs of alcoholism so you can be able to identify if a person has a drinking problem. Knowing the signs is your first step in overcoming alcoholism but this can be challenging because drinking is so prevalent in many cultures so it’s not that easy to tell if that person has gone overboard with his or her drinking.

Example of warning signs of alcoholism includes the following:

  • That person is neglecting responsibilities whether at school or at home because of his or her drinking habits or because he or she is sick after having alcohol.
  • That person still continues to binge drink despite it being the reason for his or her relationship problems.
  • That person is inebriated in dangerous settings such as drunk driving and operating equipment and machines while intoxicated.
  • That person tries to lessen or stop his drinking habits a lot of times but couldn’t do it.
  • That person keeps experiencing legal problems as a result of his or her drinking problem.
  • That person excessively spends time drinking, being sick or hungover and drinks more than what he or she intends to. He or she wants alcohol so badly that it’s all he or she thinks about.
  • That person drinks to ease stress. Many alcohol problems start when people resort to alcohol to relieve stress.

If you have two or three of these warning signs in the past year, you might have a mild alcohol disorder. However, if you have four to five it is considered moderate disorder. You may need to seek professional help or speak with a doctor so that your doctor can recommend you to a treatment facility like Charlotte Addiction Treatment Center. These facilities will help you with your alcohol problem until you fully recover.

How Can You Stop Alcoholism From Taking Over Your Life?

There are many safe and effective ways to overcome alcoholism. If you are alcohol-dependent, admit that you have a drinking problem which is the first step and decide to change your life and quit drinking. It takes a great deal of strength and bravery to face alcoholism that why we reach out for support and that is the second step. Those with mild to moderate symptoms can receive treatment in an outpatient setting. You can ask a loved one or family member to stay with you during this process and you may need to visit a clinician daily for monitoring. Those with moderate to severe may require inpatient treatment at a hospital or a rehab facility. More and more rehab facilities are introducing comprehensive treatment programs that are individually tailored specializing on a holistic approach in treating addictions like in Charlotte Addiction Treatment Center. You can also be referred to a support group or counseling as support is essential to your recovery. Somehow, having people you can rely on for comfort, encouragement and support make the journey less hard.

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How to Stop Alcohol Taking Over Your Life