Cleansing The Body of Alcohol

By on July 19, 2016
Cleansing The Body of Alcohol

The spectrum of alcohol consumption patterns ranges from those who totally shun drinking to those with severe addictions. In between are social drinkers, binge drinkers, and a variety of other categories, all with varying ability to manage their use.

Whatever the frequency and intensity of a person’s drinking, the serious effects of alcohol are enough to spur many to seek out help with drinking that becomes excessive or problematic.

When they reach that point–either through their own self-realization of their problem’s severity, or with the help of family and friends via an intervention or other initiative–one of the important things they must do is rid the body of alcohol.

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Simply ceasing to consume it is not always enough. The body needs an overall cleansing to rid it of all remaining vestiges of the alcohol. If that isn’t carried out, the person will struggle to recover.

Cleansing is not the same as treatment. There are many different ways that alcoholics can successfully treat their addictions in terms of the mental triggers and their habitual behavior. This process heavily based in traditional medicine.

The alcoholic must also investigate methods of getting the alcohol out of their emotional body. Completing that process is critical to establishing a lasting recovery.

Because people respond differently to different therapies, there are many different holistic choices in use. Understanding each of them can help you guide a loved one toward improved alcoholism recovery.

Nutritional Therapy

The first thing most people think of on the topic of cleansing is food. While it’s not the only way to rid the body of unwanted substances, it is obviously very effective in its ability to affect the same organs that are involved in alcohol consumption.

Getting the alcoholic onto a diet that enhances health and helps them remove toxins from the body is an excellent choice for helping recovery. This is a good option for people who are already conscientious about their food consumption and have leaned toward health-centered diets, such as veganism, organic diets, or raw diets.

This is about more than simply increasing fiber content or reducing fats. It’s about providing an adequate supply of vitamins and other nutrients that enhance brain function, which is critical to recovery.

Equine Therapy

While it’s still somewhat unclear how riding a horse can help with mental issues, it clearly does. Everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to autism has been successfully treated by getting the person onto a horse for some riding time.

There are different theories about this successful technique. Some think that the relaxation is so overwhelming that endorphins help fight off negative forces in the mind. Others believe that the large number of tasks being done by the brain–viewing the scenery, maintaining balance, guiding the animal, and so on–crowds out any mental activity intended to feed the underlying problem.

Whatever the mechanism, it works, and many alcoholics have successfully experienced emotional cleansing from equine therapy.

Art Therapy

In a related area we find art therapy. Known for years as a way for children to express complex emotions, art has now proven very effective to adults, whose more sophisticated mind processes still cannot handle the most challenging problems they face.

When a person directs emotions through art, whether it be dance, music, or painting, there is a powerful emotional impact. All the demons and distractions of life are carried away, and the emotional impact is impressive.

An alcoholic can find powerful solace in these forms of expression, even if it’s never shared with anyone else. For the art-minded and even the less creatively inclined, it is a proven method.

A disease as complex as alcoholism must be fought in every area where it manifests itself. The medical, psychological, and emotional fronts must be managed for a successful recovery. Using holistic therapies to manage the emotional aspect is key to this success.


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Cleansing The Body of Alcohol