Sports & Activities Adults Can Enjoy During Bad Weather Days

By on January 14, 2019
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Intermittent weather prevents people from playing their favorite sports or physical activities which often require an outdoor space, such as tennis, cycling, or hiking. Fortunately, with the wide range of sports and other physical activities these days, some recently discovered, some improvised, adults can now play even when the rain mercilessly pours down on a weekend. Discover several options to keep active during bad weather days as you read on:

Table Tennis (or indoor tennis)

Who doesn’t love a good ping pong match? It’s as nerve-wracking as a team football competition, less the massive space requirement. Playing table tennis or ping pong also brings a host of other health benefits including good balance, coordination, mental acuity, and endurance. You only need a room enough to fit a table, a pair of rackets, a dozen balls and a ready opponent and voila, you are ready to play ping pong.


Although jumping on a trampoline does require certain investments, this physical activity is considered by many as a fun and effective way to pass time and lose weight. If you wish to enjoy the rainy day inside the comfort of your home, consider trampolining with your family. Some facilities offer trampoline exercises or infuse trampolining with other exercises. Yet of course safety will always be a top consideration.

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Stationary Bike

Cycling earns a growing number of enthusiasts because of its fitness benefits and versatility as a sport. It can be enjoyed while camping in the woods, or even when you are just at home watching television. Either way, it requires you to invest in a piece of equipment initially, whether it be an outdoor mountain bike or a stationary home cycling equipment. Being an aerobic exercise, cycling, however, will be a worthy investment, keeping your cardio fitness at an optimum condition.


Futsal is similar to football (soccer), albeit the ball used is less bouncy and the space requirement is minimal. This is perfect for a big family that can’t put off kicking balls on a bad weather day. Although futsal is normally played by two teams with 5 players each, you can bend the rules a bit to accommodate your situation. The rules in a futsal game, to start with, are already less complicated compared to football. There are more acceptable tackles and other ball techniques.


Badminton is perhaps the most famous indoor sport among many people. It is relatively easy to learn and set up. When playing plainly for recreation, you can even skip installing the net and enjoy smashing and striking balls with your family and friends. Badminton also enables you to improve your hand-eye coordination and balance so you not only have fun but also become physically fit even on a stormy day


Are you a techie sports junkie? Then playing esports is perfect for you. Modern technology has allowed video game enthusiasts to play sports using the 4D reality so that when you squash a ball in an electronic tennis match, it’s as if you are striking an actual ball. If sports aren’t your cup of tea, you have other options like dancing, running through different tracks, and even singing your heart out – all experienced using the augmented reality technology.

There are many other physical activities you can enjoy amidst harsh weather conditions. Let your imagination work to include treasure hunting with your kids, practicing karate, and even playing bowling on a kitchen floor. These are all fun ways to maximize time while inside the comfort of your home.


If you love the water, finding a gym or YMCA with a nice pool can be a wonderful winter option for outdoor water sports. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise regardless of age and is a non-impact sport, perfect for people with joint issues. It’s an excellent activity for seniors and is often recommended for people recovering from other sports-related injuries. To help you get started here’s a great article to help you get started, How to Start a Swimming Routine.

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Andrew is a sports enthusiast and the owner of Action Indoor Sports. His passion for sports made him built one of the biggest indoor stadiums in Australia. He wanted people to enjoy sports whatever the weather will be.


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Sports & Activities Adults Can Enjoy During Bad Weather Days