Spending Time with Grandkids: Activities Grandparents Can Enjoy Anywhere

By on March 24, 2017
Spending time with grandkids

That relationship between grandparents and grandkids is often something to treasure and it is great to spend some quality time together whenever you get the opportunity. There are plenty of activities that are suitable for the two different age groups to do together, while building a stronger bond and having fun.

Here is a look at some activities that check all the right boxes for grandparents and grandkids alike, including a choice of games that appeal to all ages, a chance to talk about the past, and a subtle way to get them to help you with the gardening chores!

Indoor play that keeps boredom away

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If the weather is not so good outside or it is better you stay inside, you can entertain the children for hours with some suitable games, puzzles and other activities that you can all do together.

No need to turn on the TV to entertain children when there is a chance to learn how to play some of your favorite card games. There are also plenty of suitable board games that are easy to follow for the younger grandkids, like snakes and ladders, and more challenging ones for the older children.

There are plenty of other ideas to pass the time, including a challenging jigsaw puzzle if you want to work together to get it done.

You might also want to consider a modern option for a timeless activity that kids enjoy, by downloading a coloring book app for Android and working on completing one of the patterns with each other’s help.

Family history lesson

The grandkids are always keen to listen to your stories about the past and often like to hear about what their parents got up to when they were children.

You can bring those stories to life by digging out your old photo albums and spending an entertaining afternoon looking back at the past.

This is a great thing to do as the grandkids will love to learn about their family history and grandparents normally like the chance to take a trip down memory lane too.

Gardening lessons

If you are a green-fingered grandparent and love to spend time in your garden tending to your plants and vegetables, why not share your passion and instill the same level of enthusiasm into your grandkids?

Most kids love the chance to do some digging, watering, and planting. It is also the perfect opportunity to not only spend some fun time with your grandkids in the garden but to give them a grounding on how to create and nurture a successful vegetable plot and garden.

You could even get them some plants or easy growing vegetables of their own to put in the garden, which will encourage them to visit regularly and see you as well as keep an eye when the shoots and leaves appear.

These are just some of the simple but enjoyable activities that you can enjoy with your grandkids, helping to nurture that special bond that you enjoy together.

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Spending Time with Grandkids: Activities Grandparents Can Enjoy Anywhere