Living Life to the Max: Top Apps for Today’s Techy Retirees

By on March 25, 2017
Living Life to the Max: Top Apps for Today's Techy Retirees

Now that you’re retired, are you doing all the things you said you’d do once your career was concluded? Or, do you find yourself wasting more leisure time than you’d like? If you’re a tech-savvy senior, you’ll want to know more about smartphone apps that help people like you to live life to the max.

Don’t lose it

If you’ve ever misplaced your car in a big public lot, you’re not alone. Aside from paint color, most cars look more or less the same these days. You certainly don’t have to be a senior citizen to lose your car in a big parking lot. That’s why Park ‘n’ Forget is such a dandy app to install on your smartphone. The next time you park, tell the app where your car is, and it will lead you right to it when you’re done shopping or whatever else you happen to be doing. If you park your vehicle in a metered space, Park ‘n’ Forget can remind you when it’s time to feed the parking meter, say tech experts at Fox Hill Cosmopolitan Retirement Residence in Maryland.


Speaking of misplaced things, have you ever set your phone down and then forgotten where you left it? It happens to everyone now and then. Find My iPhone is the agile app that comes to your rescue when it happens to you. If your Apple phone is ever stolen, you can use the Find My iPhone app to log into your phone and lock the device so nobody else can use it. You can use it to send a message to whoever has your phone. If you need to, you may also erase all of your personal data from the phone with this handy smartphone app.

Stay in touch the 21st century way

Staying in touch with grandkids, old friends and family is easier than ever when you add the Skype app to your smartphone, tablet or other internet connected device. With Skype, you can send instant messages, make long-distance and international calls and set up a family video conference with ease. Chat with other Skype users for free, too. For a small fee, Skype users can video chat with mobile phone users and people with landlines, too. Whether you play Words with Friends with people you know or start games with worldwide strangers, you’re bound to keep your brain sharp, says Senior Lifestyle magazine.

What’s the weather going to be like?

Never wear the wrong outfit on the golf course again when you have a nimble weather app on your Android phone. At a glance, you can use the Weather Live Free app from Apalon to check the local weather or find out what the weather’s like on the other side of the world. Having an accurate forecast at your fingertips ensures that you don’t waste time hurrying home for a change of clothes when the weather suddenly turns. Learn more about weather apps, and you may wonder how you ever got along without one.

Add a few handy apps to your daily life, and you might feel as if you simultaneously added new hours to your retirement.

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Living Life to the Max: Top Apps for Today’s Techy Retirees