Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition: City Beat News Explains Why Third-Party Credibility Matters

By on December 11, 2019

In order for a woman over 50 to be successful as a small business owner, you must provide something unique to your consumer. Intriguing new customers and bringing back existing customers, again and again, can be tricky. And while there are so many marketing strategies that can help you reach this goal, not all are seen as legitimate ways to set yourself apart. Some of the most effective marketing strategies can often be validated by unbiased, third-party influencers and after all, if a credible source recognizes that your product or service is valuable, doors will open and customers will come. 

Is it possible to get your small business recognized by the qualified customers you’re in search of? City Beat News asserts that it is not only easy but only requires one thing: third-party recognition.

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What is Third-Party Recognition?

Third-party recognition means that an independent party or organization has reviewed the operation process of a business and has independently determined that the final product or services comply with specific standards for safety, quality, performance, or customer satisfaction. Third-party recognition typically includes comprehensive reviews and can, therefore, attain more credibility than branded media or consumer ratings. 

Third-party recognition in the form of an award, such as the City Beat News Spectrum Award, for example, creates greater consumer confidence when making a purchase decision. In fact, according to a study conducted by Nielsen research, consumers rely on trusted content, such as third-party recognition, when making purchase decisions five times more today than they did five years ago. In other words, more and more consumers are seeking out trusted reviews and awards when considering a purchase.

Third-Party Credibility: It Matters

City Beat News notes that third-party validation can be a cornerstone to success for any entrepreneur or small business – and here’s why.

Build Credibility

Regardless of your industry’s niche, building credibility is the driving force to success. Credibility will not only affect whether or not your customers come back, but also whether or not you can capture the attention of new customers. When an unaffiliated or third-party expert positively reviews your product or service, it can be an instant boost to your company that will provide much greater returns than trying to build your reputation up on your own.

Authenticate a Product or Service

Although it’s completely normal for businesses to speak positively about products or services they provide, third-party recognition is what truly fosters confidence and accountability. As a result, this type of recognition will truthfully allow consumers more confidence in their purchase decision is legitimate while keeping a company more accountable in providing excellent service. The bottom line is that third-party recognition will build more validation to a product or service because independent third parties will ensure a business is doing what it says it will do.

Give Businesses a Larger Reach

Third-party credibility can build a platform for exposure. Think about it – when third-party influencers accredit a company, it stakes their reputation on the success of the accredited business as if they are wrong their own reputation will take a hit. Securing media coverage can help your small business gain access to even more potential customers who follow the outlets, insights, and reviews. City Beat News notes that often these third parties will also publish an announcement with the winner of their awards which can provide your company with free advertising as well.

Set Your Brand Above the Rest

Your customers want value, so it’s important to have something that your competition does not. If you have outside awards and recommendations, your business will appear to be more legitimate and valuable to consumers. Receiving unbiased, third-party recognition will give your customers more confidence when investing their time and money in your product/service over a competitor. 

City Beat News concludes that although many companies have run successful advertisements and marketing campaigns, only some can truthfully say they have been recognized by legitimate, third-party influencers. A third-party award can set a company apart from its competitors and increase the number of new customers they receive. Nothing has a more positive impact on a company than what a credible influencer has to say about it.


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Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition: City Beat News Explains Why Third-Party Credibility Matters