Safe Hookah Use: 6 Tips for Maintaining Proper Hygiene During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By on May 12, 2020

Hookah use has been around for centuries and is gaining popularity in America. But, is it safe? Making hookah use safer is a big issue among users who like the experience. Many people think that using a hookah for tobacco consumption is safer than smoking, but it is not. The only way to be safer than smoking cigarettes is to quit all forms of tobacco. Enjoy hookah use safely by switching to tobaccoless shisha or hookah smoke infused with CBD hemp oil.

What is a Hookah?

Hookahs are water pipes that have been used to smoke specially made tobacco and other shisha compounds designed for that purpose. The tobacco can come in many flavors including apple, cherry, mint, chocolate, licorice, cappuccino, coconut, and more. Many people believe that smoking tobacco with a hookah is less harmful and a good substitute for cigarettes. This is not true. Get more from

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Hookahs come in different sizes, shapes, and styles to meet different needs. They can have on or multiple hoses and mouthpieces. The common hookah is made of several parts, including a head with holes in the bottom, a metal body, a water bowl, and one or more flexible hoses with mouthpieces on the ends. Typically, hookahs are used for group smoking, with one mouthpiece passed around or multiple mouthpieces used by participants. Basically, a hookah is a water pipe with a smoke chamber that uses charcoal to burn tobacco or herbal products.

Some History

The hookah has been used for centuries starting in ancient India and Persia. Over the centuries, hookah use has spread to many countries including France, Britain, Russia, other middle eastern countries, and the United States. Students and young adults account for much of the modern hookah use with as many as one in six had used a hookah within the previous year.

Hookah Use Today

In today’s societies around the world, there are popular hookah cafes where people go to use hookahs and socialize. These cafes and this use of hookahs and tobacco present several health risks during the coronavirus outbreak. There are more contemporary electronic hookah-type devices available now, including steam stones and hookah pens. The safety of these products has not been thoroughly tested. Any use of tobacco presents health risks, and hookahs may present additional risks when used with tobacco.

The Dangers of Using a Hookah With Tobacco

People using hookahs with tobacco can be at risk for oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, decreased fertility, reduced lung function, and heart disease. In addition, users of shared hookahs can get infections passed on from other smokers, and, in this time of coronavirus, this is an even greater concern.

Babies born to regular hookah users tend to weigh less and be more prone to respiratory diseases. Those using a hookah rather than cigarettes may actually inhale more toxic substances and more nicotine. There is also second-hand smoke to consider. This second-hand smoke can harm non-smokers near the hookah users.

There Are Alternatives to Tobacco

The risks and bad effects of hookah use with tobacco can be mostly alleviated by substituting a non-tobacco product such as hemp-based or CBD Shisha. Companies such as Flora CBD offer a wide range of these products. CBD shisha has very pleasant flavors along with a smooth, tobaccoless hookah smoke that is infused with a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. It contains 100% herbal ingredients with no tobacco or nicotine. There is still a pleasant relaxing experience.

What is CBD?

CBD is a hemp-based compound used for both industrial and wellness benefits during a good part of the 20th century and now the 21st century. It is often confused with marijuana, but they come from different plants and have different chemicals. In 1970, both drugs were classified as controlled substances, which limited the use and legality. But the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act farm bill removed hemp and hemp-derived substances from the controlled substances list, and it became legal. Hemp products including CBD are now regulated by individual states as a legal crop.

Hemp is chemically different than marijuana in that hemp has a high level of CBD and a very low level of the THC that produces high or psychoactive effects. Marijuana is high in THC and very low in CBD, and it remains on the controlled substance lists.

CBD in its various forms has several health effects. They include a calming effect, help with anxiety, and help with body pain. CBD takes about one-half hour to take effect, and the CBD effect can last from two to 24 hours depending on how it is consumed. No permanent effects from CBD have been proven.

6 Tips For Safe Hookah Use During the Pandemic

With social distancing and the dangers of the spread of coronavirus, people wanting to continue using a hookah safely must make changes. Six tips for safe hookah use include:

  1. Social distancing is in effect in most places around the country and around the world. Do not smoke with friends or in a hookah cafe. If you want to use the hookah, use the herbal alternative, and smoke alone.
  2. Hookah users are more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, so limit your use and use hemp-based CBD shisha without tobacco.
  3. Before the initial use and after every subsequent use, thoroughly clean all parts of the hookah with safe disinfectants to get rid of any virus that may be there. Use fresh, pure water for every use.
  4. Follow the use directions very carefully. Do not overuse.
  5. Consider using other CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and edibles for the same relaxing feeling and a feeling of wellbeing. They are easier to use and don’t involve smoke.
  6. Practice all the safety measures recommended by the local and federal government, such as keeping social distances of six feet and wearing masks when you must go out.

Staying safe and healthy in this time of coronavirus outbreaks involves every aspect of our lives, including hookah use, and daily living practices. By making an effort to stay safe and keep our distances now, we can enjoy seeing our friends in the future.

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Safe Hookah Use: 6 Tips for Maintaining Proper Hygiene During the Coronavirus Outbreak