Reject the Rejection

By on July 21, 2013
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By Joel Boggess –

This is part-one of a two part series.

A few years back, a young schoolboy by the name of Monty, saw the possibility of living out his dream of owning a ranch and raisin thoroughbred horses. Young in years but not in wisdom, Monty knew in his heart that if he could conceive the vision in his mind’s eye, he could achieve it.

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He was so moved by his dream, he drew it out on paper in response to an in class writing assignment. To his surprise, his high school teacher returned to him an F, explaining to young Monty, that his plans needed to be dialed down (considerably) and were unrealistic based on his current situation. You see, Monty came from meager beginnings, a poor kid, living in a camper, out of the back of a truck.

Unwilling to bend or reshape what he saw (just to accommodate what someone else didn’t see) the schoolboy would not be swayed. When he was offered the chance to rewrite his paper in exchange for a better grade, he responded boldly with, “You keep your grade, I’ll keep my dream.”

Throughout his growing up years, as the world tried to tell him what he should want or ought to be focused on, Monty’s eyes stayed focused on his dream: the dream a school teacher once dismissed as fiction. The rest, as they say, is history. The Horse Whisperer, Monty Roberts and his wife Pat, have a 154acre horse farm in Solvang, CA.

Not only have they raised three kids and countless thoroughbreds, they have also brought up 47 foster children. Because he stayed in tune with what God put in his heart, the ripple effect of his dream will wash over generations to come.

What about you? Is someone trying to file your dream away as fictional? Be like Monty and reject the rejection. Refuse to say “no” to what your spirit has already said “yes” to.

While Monty knew his dream from early on, the reality is that many of us have either forgotten it completely or have had it conditioned, trained and drilled out of the available possibilities.

Fill-in-the-blanks to these thought starters to help you reconnect with your dream.
● I’ve always wanted to help ____________.
● Time flies by when I’m showing others how to _____________.
● If I knew how to _______________, then I could make a difference.
● Ever since I was small, I’ve fantasized about living ____________.
● When I have enough money and free time, the first place I’m going to visit is __________.
● My friends and family will remember me as a person who always _______________.

Have fun with these questions. Answer them in your journal. Email and share them with your
prayer and support groups. Discuss them around the dinner table.

For next time
Without editing yourself, write down responses for all six. In part-two of this blog series, I’ll show you an exciting and engaging way to build on what you’ve come up with.

Joel Boggess ©2013

Joel Boggess is the go to guy for clarity, confidence, and direction. ™ He teaches professionals and stay at home parents how to connect with who they really are, what excites them and what they stand for. For updates on his upcoming book, Finding your Voice, visit his website and sign up for free training and bonus goodies.

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