Reject the Rejection – Part 2

By on August 1, 2013
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By Joel Boggess –

I trust that you were able to release your grip on the status quo and allowed yourself the opportunity to express what is true for you. Amazing things will happen when you are willing to risk vulnerability and be one hundred percent truthful with yourself.

(To view Part 1 click here.  The responses and insights you come up with can be freeing and empowering.)

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Create your Dream Board

I tend not to give a lot of rules or guidance for this activity, because this is about creating a picture that moves, inspires and motivates you. You can include whatever you want on your Dream Board. Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:

● A piece of poster board (even the top of a pizza box will work as long as it’s clean!)
● Scissors
● Magazines
● Markers
● Glue
● A little imagination

My wife likes to print pictures off Google. Of course that’s fine also. The key is to just get started!

For each of your responses to the thought starters covered in part one, ask yourself this: How can I visually illustrate what I wrote? For example, if your response to the first statement (I’ve always wanted to help …) is “single moms”, “at risk kids”, “the elderly”, etc., figure out what that looks like to you and look for creative ways to represent it on your board.

Here’s another example to make sure you have the hang of this process: Let’s say your response to statement two (Time flies by when I’m showing others how to …) “dance”, “cook”, “build stronger relationships”, “play the piano”, etc. portray something that matches or comes close to your response.

Go through the same process for all six statements cutting out pictures, drawing, coloring, writing and designing your dream on paper. Give yourself the gift of “seeing” what it is you are thinking about.

Let yourself be truly open with this activity. There is no grading system. And, while we recommend recruiting those closest to you, it is entirely up to you, with whom you share your Dream Board.

A client in Arizona decided to engage and challenge her two teenage sons in a similar activity. At first, they responded like many first timers do, with a roll of the eyes and a twinge of resistance. Once they realized that they weren’t being held to agreed upon standards and that it was entirely up to them to either dream low or dream high, their imaginations kicked in and spirits came to life.

Once you make the decision to turn your “inner child” loose to become engaged in the process, you’ll experience the same kind of emotional excitement.

Have fun and be true!

If you still need a boost to get started, here are a few more client examples. Share your work with us. Our team periodically selects one to highlight, process and develop.

Joel Boggess is he go to guy for clarity, confidence, and direction. ™ He teaches professionals and stay at home parents how to connect with who they really are, what excites them and what they stand for. For updates on his upcoming book, Finding your Voice, visit his website and sign up for free training and bonus goodies.

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Reject the Rejection – Part 2