Hearing God in Business

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This article was reproduced from PerryMarshall.com following a recent webinar where my team of six business people got to tell testimonies, prophesy, heal the sick and genuinely release hope as we taught participants how to hear the voice of God.  We had 172 participants from all over the world listening in for over 75 minutes. To listen to the full recording follow this link.

“Andy Mason, author of Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life gets “Memos From The Head Office” on a regular basis. He walks into businesses and brings heaven – and increases in business – when he comes.

Yes, I know how crazy that sounds.

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Andy left his banking job in New Zealand five years ago, moved his family to the United States, and works full time bringing Dream Culture and divine favor to businesses all over the world.

Dan Morrow, CEO of SOF-TEK in Redding California describes what happens when Andy shows up:

We hosted the Heaven in Business group at my new facility. Andy and his team brought his favor and Dream Culture.

Just as they were about to leave the facility, (post wrap up, and pre-out the door) my phone rings with a report of an unsolicited RFQ to build UL508A panels for a utility company.

In our old facility, we didn’t have space to build more than one or two at a time, maybe 25 a year (max). The RFQ was for 25-100 A MONTH, and was completely doable in the new facility.  I did the spontaneous happy dance.

What are the odds?

Well I did the math. I figure the odds of my guy calling in a report of an unsolicited RFQ  during the 60 second window between wrapping up the meeting and actually being out the door are around 1 in 206,057,779,200.

What does “favor” look like?  I think it looks sort like God giving us a wink and blowing a kiss.

Andy and his team were invited to the New York Stock Exchange on Monday April 8. They came asking the question “What happens when the Presence of God (peace) is released on Wall Street?”

They were granted amazing favor to go throughout the building, onto the podium and into the board room to release “Peace to this house.” They were invited to pray for many individuals who received physical healing, prophetic words, encouragement, refreshing and release of hope.

At the same time the Dow Jones broke out of it’s rising plane to reach record highs three days in a row. USA today reported “..the Dow’s revival…” (see USA Today article). CNN Money reported “All three indexes had one of their best weeks of the year… there hasn’t been any one catalyst pushing stocks higher lately” (see CNN Money).

Dow Jones closed 14,613.48 Monday 4.8.13. Closed Tuesday 14,673.46 rising 60 points – a fresh all-time high. Closed Wednesday 14,802.24 rising 128 points – another all time high. Thursday closed 14,865.14 – another all time high Friday closed 14,850

Were these record highs because of Andy and his team? Or was it just a coincidence?

You decide.

Before you decide, though, you should listen me and Andy on a webinar we hosted.

I had dinner with Andy where he told me these stories. I said, “Can you do this virtually?” He said “Absolutely!” So on my webinar June 6 with Andy Mason, participants “raised their hand” in our virtual meeting and Andy and his Heaven in Business team members prayed for favor for them and their business. They asked for “Memos from the head office” and told us what they were getting.

This all happened LIVE. Andy didn’t receive any prior information about anyone who attended, so everything he and his team members got was really from the Head Office and not from me. You’ll get ideas, fresh inspiration and FAVOR.

I promise this will be the most unusual webinar you have ever experienced on Planet Perry!

Listen to the replay below!

MP3 (Right-click & select Save Link As… to download to your computer)


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Hearing God in Business
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