Reaching 50 and Looking Forward to the Future

By on March 19, 2019

Is reaching 50, really such a milestone? And is it a time in our lives when we should feel anxious about the future? My own experience of reaching 50 was that it was not such a bad place to be, however I do remember feeling pretty flat at the outset. I was recently widowed and worried about the prospect of coping alone. I had a son of ten and a daughter of thirteen and was concerned that our depleted income would have a negative impact on our immediate future. Recovering from the loss of a loved one is hard enough, but with the added worry of financial concerns, it would be harder still.

Having had a close look at my resumé, I chose to enhance my IT skills. This proved to be extremely useful, giving me greater confidence when I applied for promotion and was successful. Being upgraded a notch helped my financial situation and augmented my self-belief. As a single parent family, we were on the road to recovery.

Enriching Your Profile

If you’re in your fifties, or approaching fifty, and feel you’re under-achieving, now is the time to think about supplementing your skills. A part-time course could open up earning potential and help you to achieve greater things. Find out what your credentials lack in order for you to seek promotion or advancement in your chosen field. A part-time course to update your qualifications may seem daunting, but a couple of evenings a week, along with some home study, could be well worth the effort, providing greater opportunities for the future. Enriching your profile at this point will show the working world that you’re serious about your career. With people living longer, this should provide opportunities for remaining in the workplace longer, too, if this is what you want.

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Life is Too Short to Stuff Mushrooms

Increased responsibility could have a detrimental affect on your routine at home and it may be necessary to look at your time-management. If you do have family living with you, then delegate. Make a list of the most important claims on your time, and make these a priority. Don’t worry about what doesn’t really matter. These are probably chores you undertake out of habit and can be left for when you find yourself with time to spare. As a good friend of mine once said, ‘Life is too short to stuff mushrooms!’

If you find that reaching fifty affects your resolve and sense of self-worth, it’s important not to slump into a future where you comfort yourself with doughnuts and caramel lattés! This will only result in weight gain and possibly compromise your health. Keeping physically and mentally fit will help to sustain your outlook and determination.

Making the most of your appearance is important, and this doesn’t mean wearing clothes more suitable for those who are much younger. Chic and smart is what’s needed, and along with a flattering hairstyle and a manicure you will be noticed for all the right reasons.

Be Forward Thinking

Whilst current 50 year olds are likely to have a reasonable handling of IT, it is important to keep up with technological advances; thus avoiding the great ‘digital divide’. Also important, is being familiar with the more cultural elements of life, which will help to add color and interest to your conversation.

Don’t be too quick to condemn modern culture or to compare it, unfavorably, with what was going on when you were much younger. Be forward thinking and you’re likely to have a more positive impact on younger colleagues, specifically, those holding more senior rolls than you.

Regard your 50’s as a time of liberation, and this should give you the resilience you might need to hold your own in a professional environment. Here, there is likely to be a significant number of people a decade or so younger than you, who could make you feel compromised about your promotional potential. If this is the case, then view this as a challenge, rather than a threat. I always think that seeing myself as someone who is up and coming is far better psychology than someone who sits on their laurels at the top, ignoring the fact that there is now only one way to go. Down!

Make Sure You Get the Best From Life

Even if you feel that being in your 50’s is not the stuff of dreams, at least make sure you get the most from life by giving your best. With this in mind you’re less likely to have regrets and more likely to achieve peace of mind when the time comes to retire gracefully – if that is what you really want to do.
You should always be able to hold your own, and although you may find this challenging, keep your head held high, adopt a ‘confident air’, and you will be noticed for all the right reasons!

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Reaching 50 and Looking Forward to the Future