Queen of the Foursquare Court

By on May 12, 2013

By Melody Fawn Heal—

Back then we all wore our hair in pig tails, switched shoes with our best friend, rolled our socks down below our ankles, and played foursquare at recess. Those were some of the most memorable and competitive times of my life. When the bell rang for recess, my best girlfriend Julee Spangler and I united at our meeting spot on the playground, the foursquare court. This was my favorite playground game because I was good at it. It was everyone’s goal to get to square A because the person who reigned in that square served the ball and also had the right to call the rules for that game.

The competitive person that I was drove me to win my way up to square A as soon as possible. As usual, Melody Lawson, in no time flat, became the queen of the foursquare court. Yes, that was my nickname, mostly, because I was ruthless and won most of the time, even when the boys were involved, except when I played Brian DeVine. He was the boy I had a crush on and for some unknown reason, the shy and soft side of me would come out and he would occasionally beat me out of square A. Even though I experienced defeat, I never gave up. Back in line I would get eager to work my way back to the top of the court once again.

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The, you can do it drive and competitive spirit I possessed in elementary school, still resides in me today. except it kicks into action in a different way. As I reflect back on the nature of that simple childhood game, I recognize the intrinsic principles I learned from it. Confidence, coordination, will power, a practice makes perfect work ethic, and a never give up attitude were being developed within.

In life as adults, we strive for specific goals and dreams. Some of them we attain due to our abilities, diligence, and unwavering perseverance. Yet on the other hand, challenges or unexpected circumstances occur of which we have no control, which may interrupt or alter our goals inflicting a sense of failure or a give up attitude. These are the opportunities when God desires us to kick-in that child like trust in Him that promises, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13 KJV) and that child-like confidence to make it through life’s difficult competitions and matches.

When the real games of life serve you a curve, hook or fast ball or knock you down to the bottom square, hold on to the Lord. He is your fortress, strength, protector, the victor, and the King in whom we can trust even when the queen of the foursquare court looses occasional games of life. Jesus reminds us in Mark 10:27 KJV that, “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” Let him reign in your foursquare games of life!

Melody Heal: A life-long joy and passion of Melody’s has been mentoring and sharing life with women of all ages encouraging them to grasp hold of the full potential the Lord has for them. The empty nest season has provided Melody a new luxury of living out her heart’s desire working professionally as a Christian school administrator, serving as the Featured Resource Writer for My Purpose Now website along with speaking at women’s events. Her greatest delight is being married to her husband Doug while being inspired by her two married children and their devoted Christ-following soul mates who all live in Southern California. Melody has proven to be passionate about prayer walking, gardening, and helping women identify, rekindle, and achieve their God inspired dreams. Interested in having her at your next event, contact her at: [email protected]

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Queen of the Foursquare Court