Premium Ingredients for Healthy Aging and Beauty

By on July 1, 2013

By Paula Simpson, trusted genConnect expert –

Pterostillbene, Omega 7 and Cocoa Flavanols are three evolving trends and ingredients that should be on your beauty radar. Read on:

Move Over Resveratrol, is there a new kid on the block?

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Pterostilbene is a compound structurally similar to resveratrol and is also be found in grapes, blueberries, and other small fruits, as well as the bark of some trees. It belongs to a class of compounds known as phytoalexins, which are produced by plants in response to pathogen infection. There is growing interest in pterostillbene as clinical data continues to prove its superior stability and bioavailability (over resveratrol) and diverse mechanism of action against oxidative damage and aging in healthy population. Already sold in leading nutraceutical brands (as pTeroPureä), pterostilbene is quickly making its way into the healthy aging, nutricosmetic and cosmeceuticals market in a big way!

Omega 7 for Healthy Skin?

We have heard about the health promoting properties of Omega 3 fatty acids. But did you know there is another fatty acid that is breaking ground for healthy skin?

Palmitoleic acid (Omega 7) is an infrequently referenced fatty acid that is a primary building block in skin and mucous membranes. You can obtain small amounts through diet but can also look to natural sources for topical or oral use. Currently, seabuckthorn berry is commonly used as a source of Omega 7 in skincare and nutricosmetic brands. Clinical studies have shown beneficial effects of sea buckthorn (as a source of Omega 7,) on inflammation, immunity and promoting healthy skin. Watch out for new and evolving ingredients offering a source of Omega 7, including African Moringa and from microalgae species Nannochloropsis.

Cocoa Flavanols for Healthy Aging and Skin?

For some time, I have been aware of the health benefits of cocoa flavanols as an antioxidant and promoting healthy circulation (including within the skin). However, I am also aware that their stability if often destroyed during processing, particularly in supplements. I was recently impressed to see the brand CocoaVia© come out with a product that provides a clinically proven bioavailable form of cocoa flavanols to support healthy circulation and aging. I like the convenience of the stick packs and the different flavors offered (from unsweetened dark chocolate to summer citrus). An easy way to get the good from cocoa without the added calories!

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Premium Ingredients for Healthy Aging and Beauty