Post-Pandemic Travel Hacks for Women Over 50

By on June 3, 2020

Traveling is on everyone’s mind these days—mainly because we can’t travel. If you like me, you getting antsy and needing to travel post-pandemic. If you are digital nomads, used to flitting from country to country for job and joy, or for those of us who just want to get away for a vacation after an extended quarantine, we can all take some solace in a small, soon-to-arrive victory.

When the quarantine ends the world of air travel will reopen. We will be able to get out and exercise our passports and experience the different cultures of the world. Maybe you are long overdue for a getaway or need to reconnect with distant family members after the COVID-19 quarantine. 

We have some ideas for women over 50 to save money once the skies are open.

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Tip #1: Book Flexible Flights 

Numerous Airlines and hotels now let you change a reservation for free, and often up to a year from your original purchase date. Given the coronavirus’ inclination to keep on keeping on, it’s likely that such policies will be extended into the fall and beyond.

Before you book a reservation with any hotel or airline, scour that company’s website for rebooking policies. You probably won’t have to scour very hard because these days the information is often on the homepage.  Be sure you know what that policy is, and choose those airlines and hotels for which you can claim a refund if your plans change, or policies that will allow you to adjust your dates—for free—over the next year.

This tip could easily save hundreds of dollars, and it gives you great flexibility in travel plans.

Tip #2: Check Out Travel Auction Websites

Now could be the time to tackle that dream destination, you only live once after all. Check out the various travel auction sites on the internet. Search for auction deals on airline tickets to your dream destination, hotel reservations, resort packages, or destination experiences.

Here are some examples of the good values LivingBetter50 has found on some auction sites recently:

  • Four nights in a suite at Mateya Safari Lodge in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve. The “buy it now” price is $6,213 for a package that regularly costs $8,284. But the starting price for the auction is $2,675 – and there were no bidders when looking.
  • Four nights, with a fifth night free, at the all-inclusive boutique resort of VIK Hotel Cayena Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Stay anytime between June and December, with free changes and free cancellations. On the hotel’s website, the same four-night stay in August is $216 per night. At SkyAuction, the “buy it now prices” for the same package was just $89 per night.

Want a trip that’s more bespoke? You can browse auctions there for high-end hotels and resorts in luxury destinations such as the Amanwella resort in Sri Lanka or the Ritz-Carlton in Budapest, Hungary. If there are no auctions posted, keep checking. Bookmark the page and checking-in once the travel world returns to normal. Hotels will be eager to attract guests and you will likely land a very nice hotel or resort at prices you probably wouldn’t have expected.

Whatever you’re looking for—airline tickets, hotel and resort reservations, experiential travel in some particular destination—you will likely find something to entice you into bidding at one of these online auctions.

Tip #3: Follow Tourist Board Social Media Posts

As national borders begin to reopen and travel reverts to whatever the new normal will look like we will see a rash of promotions. These promotions will be aimed at attracting travelers to certain locations with great deals. One of the first out of the gate is the Italian island of Sicily. Though Italy has not yet reopened to travelers, the Sicilian government is already looking forward to that day. The Sicilians recently announced plans to subsidize domestic and international holidaymakers who choose to travel to the island once the pandemic passes. Sicily will pay for half the cost of a tourist’s plane ticket, and for every three days a vacationer stays on the island, the government will pay for one of the hotel nights. Moreover, Sicily will fully cover the cost of tickets to any local museum or archaeological site.

Vouchers for all of those enticements will available at some point on the island’s tourism website.

That underscores the money-saving travel-hack. Wherever you dream to travel, visit the tourist board website for that city/region/country to find out if it is offering any special promotions. As well, follow its social media feed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As such promotions arise, the tourist boards will announce the deals through social media posts.

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Post-Pandemic Travel Hacks for Women Over 50