The Ultimate Guide for Cheap Travel in Singapore

By on March 2, 2020

Singapore has many architectural marvels and traveling to this world-class destination doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You don’t always have to stay in a lavish four or five-star hotel to enjoy a comfortable stay or eat at a high-end restaurant. Many places in Singapore are cheap and offer a local taste of the area from cuisines to backpacking hostels. You can easily explore and grab the cheapest deals at such places and enjoy your stay to the fullest while avoiding overspending. If you planning to travel to Singapore from India, you must keep in mind Singapore travel insurance is essential for your visit, apart from preparing your itinerary. 

If you are a bag packer and want to explore Singapore, here’s an ultimate guide for you to travel cheap and make the most out of your budget as it is the destination for all.

  • Sleep Tight in A Dorm Room

Singapore has always been very welcoming of bag packers. Over the last few years, dorm room and capsule hotels have significantly increased, providing budget accommodation for solo travelers. You can save money on your stay in Singapore and spend it on other activities to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. While you look for your perfect dorm room or capsule to spend nights in this beautiful city, make sure you stay prepared for uncertainties with a Singapore travel insurance. 

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  • Eat Lavishly on A Hawker’s Street

You can confidently eat street food in Singapore as you will always get fresh and clean eateries. With the strict hygiene standards of Singapore, you can definitely explore different street cuisines on a budget. Grab a bite from every food joint and fill your stomach until you feel full while enjoying the vibrancy of the city. You can get tasty meals for as low as 3 Singapore dollars. Taste all the delicacies of Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and western foods. If you get sick, immediately get assistance under your travel insurance Singapore policy instead of paying for the medical fees out from your pocket.

  • Explore Budget Attractions and Fun Activities

This majestic island is filled with fun activities and natural attractions like Singapore flyer and cruises. Although all these activities separately will cost you a lot, you can buy an activity pass to get entry into a long list of fun activity places and beguiling attractions. Many sites also offer discounts for having such passes. It is sure to make your expedition budget-friendly.  

  • Don’t Miss Out on The Free Entries

Singapore is a stunning city that has a lot of free entry places. When the sun shines, you can take a walk around the gardens by the Bay and stop by Marina Barrage to take a view of the beautiful skyline. You can also explore Little India, The Merlion, and Chinatown to make the best of your visit and taste some authentic cuisines. During the night, you can visit Sultan Mosque, watch the best performances at Esplanade Theatre and sunset at Sentosa beach. There is so much to do in a little time on this divine island. You can also explore street markets to shop for best budget clothes as they are easily accessible through day and night. 

  • Prepare Your Itinerary Beforehand

When you plan to travel to Singapore, you must remember to keep essential things handy. If in case, your luggage gets lost while transiting through airports or you get sick, your Singapore travel insurance policy will save you much hassle and provide assistance to get through it. It will ensure you safely reach your destination. Keep a check on your itinerary your daily essentials, your emergency contact, passport, visa, all documents including Singapore travel insurance. Don’t travel if any of the items are missing, as it’ll only make stay baffling. 

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Singapore Travel Insurance should form an integral part of your bag packing experience. If you want your budget travel not to go overboard, purchase a suitable policy to have a peaceful vacation. Many reliable insurers like Tata AIG offer Singapore travel insurance to make your visit to this place completely hassle-free. Alongside this, you should make sure you know well about various insurance-related terms like inclusions, exclusions, and NCB.

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The Ultimate Guide for Cheap Travel in Singapore