What Our Pet Would Say If They Could Talk

By on May 10, 2021

Pet owners would give their right arm to verbally communicate with their beloved animals. Sometimes owners would look into their eyes, longing to discover their deepest, innermost desires. Extremely unfortunately, pet lovers have to instead use logic, expert knowledge, and in some cases, total guesswork to ascertain just what our cherished fur-babies want.

Animal psychology is a complicated and intricate field of study. There are a plethora of online courses and institutions focusing on animal behavior. 

For now, however, let’s concentrate on the five main things your treasured animal is probably trying to tell you.

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  • I want space, space, and more space!

Whether your furry friend is a cat, dog, rabbit, fish, lizard, or duck-billed platypus, they all want and, more importantly, really need space. Freedom to them, just like us, is the number one gift you can bestow upon your pet. 

  • I need natural, not human, food!  

What you feed your four-legged friend is the most fundamental responsibility you as a pet-owner have, and it is vital you research the species and breed of your animal to ensure you are providing the best possible nourishment. This is particularly important for cats and dogs, who require protein-based diets in order to function at optimum health and fitness. 

For peace of mind, try Taste Of The Wild Ancient Grains premium food for Dogs and Cats, a diet based entirely on your dog or cat’s natural diet. Protein-rich and simplified approaches to nutrition are always preferred. 

  • I love you, but I need alone time! 

Although our animals are grateful to us for bringing them into your home, they are still animals and therefore need time to themselves. Just like us, our fur babies crave a quiet, cool and safe place to sleep, to rest, and even just to mooch about on their own. 

  • I feel emotions, just like you do! 

It is often said, frankly only by animal lovers, that our pets understand far more than people generally believe. If we are angry, our pet will feel on edge, if we are sad, they will act subdued, and if we are happy, they will emulate that excitement and positivity. It is worth noting; however, that fish perhaps don’t feel such a range of emotions; but it would be lovely if they did! 

  • The more we interact, the stronger our bond will become! 

The best example of this is with bunnies; If you (wrongly) assume that buying a cute fluffy rabbit from the pet store and housing it in what is essentially a pastel-colored prison constitutes a loving relationship; you are sadly, and even more sadly for the animal, mistaken. 

Animals not only need but whole-heartedly deserve love, attention, respect, and loyalty. If you show them this, they will give back in abundance. Hopefully accompanied by an affectionate lick! Your pet will only be in your life for a short time. But to them, you are their whole life, so understand their needs and look after them.

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What Our Pet Would Say If They Could Talk