How to Enjoy Your Memorial Day Picnic, Pest Free

By on May 10, 2021
Memorial Day

Many of us have fond family memories of our family Memorial Day picnics. Many people love the Memorial Day weekend, a chance to stop and think of all of those that have paid for our freedoms, and the start of summer fashion.

Coming together for family time in the backyard to eat hamburgers, hotdogs, and chili is the best part of the Memorial Day picnic weekend.

Here are our top tips for enjoying your time outdoors without having to search for “pest control near me” to get rid of any unwelcome bugs and pests!

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It all starts with regular maintenance

For many of us, our outdoor area gets ignored through the cold winter months. Just because we have been cuddling inside, doesn’t mean that the bugs and pests have just gone away. Many insects overwinter by entering a state of either diapause or hibernation. During this period, their metabolism slows and they run off stored food/energy reserves in their bodies until temperatures rise and they become active again.

A regular maintenance plan keeps the lid on these pests awakening during the spring and summer months. Have local pest control companies perform regular maintenance to reduce any outbreaks.

Plant bushes that bugs don’t like

Keeping pests and insects away doesn’t always have to be a game of catchup. In addition to your regular maintenance program, plant some of these plants in your garden to deter insects of various species.

Citronella grass

Everyone knows this is an ingredient in mosquito repellents, but a lot of people don’t know it’s grass. Plant this grass in gardens, or have it in planters near your doors to keep mosquitoes and flying insects from getting inside when you open the door.


This might be the best plant to deter bugs. Various insect species are known to will stay away if you have some of these around. Some bug repellents use an ingredient in this flower because of how effective it is. These flowers deter:

  • Ants
  • Japanese beetles
  • Roaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Spider mites
  • Ticks
  • Silverfish
  • Harlequin bugs
  • Lice


Mint is a great ingredient for cold summer beverages and goes well with strawberries! It can repel spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. But be careful when you plant mint because these plants spread rapidly!

You not one of those with a green thumb, you can always diffuse essential oils while you enjoy the outdoors. These essential oils capitalize on the scent and natural benefits of these plants to keep pests away!

Check your gas level and test burners

If your grill hasn’t been used for months, it’s important to give it a good once-over for any problems. For starters, look for any signs of rust, especially if your grill has been outdoors all winter (metal exposed to the elements is more prone to this corrosion). If your grill has been covered or stored in a garage, then check for bugs and pests that may have snuck in during the winter. Insects frequently take up residence in burner tubes during the off-season. If tubes are removable, use a garden hose to spray water through the tube or use a long, flexible brush to clean the interior. Make sure tubes are dry before reattaching.

Next, check that the grease pan is clean to prevent dangerous grease fires. Give this a look before the season starts and after every few cookouts to make sure it doesn’t overflow.

With your backyard all ready for the Memorial Day family picnic, all that is left now is to enjoy and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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How to Enjoy Your Memorial Day Picnic, Pest Free