The New Dream-­-Chasing Generation

By on September 7, 2016
The New Dream-­-Chasing Generation

Half of Australians over 50 would change their career tomorrow if the opportunity arose, chasing the dream!

An ambitious career move not exclusive to the millennial: A national study commissioned by over 50s insurer, Apia, reveals an overwhelming one in two Australians over 50 would change their career tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself.

The findings contradict a more traditional ‘learn-­-work-­-retire’ perspective, supporting the hunger for both personal and professional satisfaction, at any age.

Head of Apia Customer Value, Geoff Keogh said “Today’s over 50’s are not over the hill. As our research demonstrates, growing older doesn’t result in complacency, it means freedom and the luxury of time to accomplish great things – arguably the stage in one’s life where the possibilities are actually endless.”

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However, change is not necessarily confined by the next office job. The study also uncovers that 77% of over 50s believe their creativity increases or stays the same with age, an insight that underpins the increasingly common ‘over 50 entrepreneurs.

Former corporate worker, Tina Tedesco-­-Vella, 52, says that age really is just a number when  it comes to kick-­-starting your entrepreneurial  journey:  “After  20  years  of  working  in  various corporate roles, I recently decided that it was time to take a risk and explore my creative side.”

Now the proud owner of her own narrative storytelling business, ‘Picture Story,’ Tina admits the leap is a scary one, but massively rewarding.

“I love my work because it combines my passion for writing with my love for photography. Life’s too short to spend your days bound to an office chair doing something you hate,” says Tina.

Tina hopes that her experience will encourage others to go against the grain and chase their dreams, no matter what their age.

“If this journey has taught me anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a use-­-by date,” says Tina.

At Apia, we realize that the more you live life, the better you get at it. So it’s only fair that the experience you’ve gained should count for something. That’s why we reward over 50’s for their experience, with great insurance products and the service you deserve.

This winning combination of service and excellent insurance products means Apia now has more than 750,000 customers across Australia, serviced by our network of branches and over 450 staff. So wherever you are and whatever your insurance needs, Apia can help you.

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The New Dream-­-Chasing Generation