5 Must-Read Books for Christian Women Over 50 Today

By on April 13, 2020

I have the hardest time picking just one or two. So below I’ve compiled my top 5 must-read books for Christian women over 50 today. Reading these books will change your life! Each of these books has led me personally into a deeper understanding and love for Jesus, and they will do the same for you.

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

If you’ve never read Mere Christianity, you’re in for a treat! Lewis wrestles through some of the issues we all struggle with when it comes to our Christian faith, and he reasons with logic and faith in a way that is quite compelling. It’s a great read for new and seasoned Christians alike.

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50 Women Every Christian Should Know – Michelle DeRusha

This isn’t a book you read in one sitting, but rather a text you pick up when you need some encouragement that what you do everyday matters. Michelle DeRusha compiled readable and fascinating short biographies of 50 history-making world-shaking women that were just like you and I. These are role models for us, our daughters, and granddaughters. This book shape and encourage our own aspirations and dreams even centuries later.

Forgotten God – Francis Chan

Francis Chan has such passionate love and affection for God, and his emotions run through the pages of all his books. This book absolutely revolutionized the way I thought about God. God the Father and Jesus the Son I understood, but the Holy Spirit? This book walks you through Scriptures. You may have read them before but had never before understood them. With my opened eyes, I have unleashed the power of the Holy Spirit in my life as I learned how to adore Him and invite Him to work in my life. You will see the same!

Knowing God – J. I. Packer

Consider it Theology 101 for everyday people. This book has become a Christian classic, and for good reason. It channels and helps those who desire knowing more about God. J.L. Packer leads you into a deeper relationship to personally know God. There is a difference between those whose knowledge of Jesus and God remains theoretical and those who experience God in their own lives in a mighty way each day!

Good News for Weary Women – Elyse Fitzpatrick


It is easy for all the activities and actions of life to feel like religious duties. This book was like a breath of fresh air, releasing me from things that were suffocating me. Reading this book gave me a greater understanding and ability to balance the day-to-day life and biblical theory. After feeling weighed down by all the expectations of what it meant to be a good Christian woman, this book has helped me to see more clearly. This book has had such a great impact on my life and perspectives. I feel as though I have been released from years of oppression and chains. I wish I could buy every woman a copy of this book. It’s that good!

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5 Must-Read Books for Christian Women Over 50 Today