My Mom is the best

By on May 4, 2011

By Diane Baker –

I am sure most submissions will say “my mom is the best”. Well of course I am going to say she is the greatest and if anything ever happened to her I would forever carry a hole in my heart.  My mom, Mary C. Brown, just turned 80 in November 2010. We all flew in from different parts of the state to celebrate her day and surprise her with a huge party.  As family and friends got up to speak on how she influenced their lives, I sat there and tried to think about what I would say. Okay, my turn comes and I get up, pause, still thinking with tears running down my face. What shall I say about a woman who wore the same suit for years so that her family could have the best. What could I say about a woman who went back to college at the age of 35 and got her degree so we could have a better life. What could I say about a mom whose husband had a gambling problem and lost our house, but mom never said a bad thing to us about him.  Even when he was dying of cancer she never left his side.  What could I say about a woman for the last 14 years after retiring is stilling running an after school program for 80 school aged children. She is adored by all. What shall I say about my mom,whenever I call her for anything,she is there for me. I am nervous, my heart is pounding and I begin to speak. Mom, I love you with every breath in my body. By your example you showed me how to be a mother, a great sister, friend, believer, and to see the blessings around me in all circumstances .  You have shown me what true sacrifice is all about.  But best of all, I know I am loved!!! . My weekly calls to you keep me motivated! You have blessed my life and help me become a strong black female. I love you to death! Thank you for blessing my life!!!

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My Mom is the best