All My Other Mother’s

By on May 4, 2011

The month of May never passes without my thoughts turning toward remembering the women of my youth.  My mother was a stay-at-home mom of her day.  I never wanted for a hot meal, a soft bed, and readied clothes to wear.  She was a cook, baker, and housekeeper that I still emulate.  I knew I was loved and that my needs and many wants were my mother’s number one priority.

But I had many other mothers, other women that played an important role in my growing up to be the woman I strive to be today.

I think of my grandma.  She was from “the old country”, Russia.  She was quiet and I rarely saw her roused emotionally.  She believed there were things to be done in a day and we were to get them done!  I adored her and I believe I get my “keep going” attitude from her.

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My Aunt Esther gave me the love of crafts.  I do not remember a time that my aunt wasn’t crafting, sewing, or planning some event.  And everything was done to my eye, with perfection.  She also taught me the love of music and many fond memories are of hours spent singing around the old piano.

My mother’s oldest sister is my Aunt Ida.  She is the family matriarch now.  I learned loyalty to my family from her.  To this day, at the age of 92, my precious aunt never misses my birthday.  There is always a card in the mailbox with her beautiful handwriting.

There is Aunt Nancy who could make dinner with paper plates look like we were eating at the Biltmore.  The romantic aunt to my young eyes was my dear Aunt Doris.  She taught me how to love my husband through all phases of life.

The Lord blessed me with “my second mother”, my Aunt Barbara.  She and her husband had no children of their own and they stepped in to help my widowed mother.  My Aunt Barb could make any chore into a party. Doing things like, climbing up to the roof to clean out the gutters or digging through weeds to pick wild blueberries.  She would hear no excuses when I didn’t want to use the outhouse up at the cottage because of the spiders.  It was this aunt who listened to my young love heartbreaks and told me what to look for in a good man.  And she still encourages me to live each day the Lord gives me and enjoy it!  I love her to this day like a mother.

The Bible speaks in Titus 2:4 of the older women teaching the younger women.  I experienced this wonderful blessing in my own family.  I am so thankful for each of their teachings to me and their unconditional love.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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All My Other Mother’s