Missing the Sun or Missing Your Family

By on May 1, 2017

Spring has arrived, with temperatures creeping into the 70s in the North. That means it’s time for snowbirds to go back home! You’ve been away from your family and friends for three months or longer, and you may be anxious to hug your children or grandchildren again. June is the prime month for snowbird migration, which is coming soon.

Your northern migration entails a lot of planning. Change your address with USPS, pack, prepare your house for rent, and dozens of other tasks. Here we will look at a few ways of simplifying the process, getting you back home faster.



If you own a home in a popular travel destination, your city is a hotspot for tourists year-round. To prepare, make sure your home is tidy, and that you take well-lit photos for online posts. If you need more information, check out this guide from HomeAway.

If you’re interested in temporary guests, consider websites like AirBnB and Flipkey. They allow you to rent out your home just like a hotel, for nights or weeks at a time. You can read a guide to short-term rentals on Time.com.

For more permanent residents, consider the same websites you would use for normal selling or renting, including any real estate website from Craigslist to VacationRentals.com. Read an in-depth guide to short-term leasing on Home Guides.


The best way to start is to make a list or two of what you’ll need. If you’re renting out a furnished home to guests, be sure to take anything valuable or irreplaceable with you. Lifehacker has published a detailed reference for those planning to move.

Once you have your lists in order, gather your supplies. Order customizable moving kits from companies like Home Depot and Uhaul. Both stores will buy back any unused boxes, so it’s better to overestimate. Ordering a kit is better than borrowing or reusing other boxes, because they have a uniform size and fit into a truck easily. 

The last step is packing and then loading the truck. If you do it yourself, packing could take weeks. It’s best to start early and pack over time. Also consider hiring a moving company to save yourself time. For the pros and cons of moving companies, consider this Wisebread article on why you should definitely hire a moving company. 

crafting subscription boxes

The downside to moving companies is that they handle your household goods, but not your car. Even if you’re not moving an entire household, shipping your car can be beneficial for getting home sooner. 

Why Ship Your Car?

Missing the Sun or Missing Your Family 2

  • Enjoy a hassle-free move. 
    • Forget worrying about your car, planning stops, hotel costs, food, and other expenses.
  • Get home faster.
    • Rather than attempting to line up travel plans with family, work, or other obligations, you can schedule a flight to get you home exactly when you need, and have your vehicle arrive when you do. Spend more time with your family, and less time worrying and planning. 
  • Protect your car.
    • Traveling thousands of miles per year adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. This detracts from resale value, and adds costly maintenance procedures to your to-do list. 
  • Protect yourself.
    • Free your mind from worrying about accidents, breakdowns, road work and other unforeseen travel dilemmas. A professional transports your car while you relax on an airplane, having confidence that you and your vehicle will arrive home safely. 

Although summer is approaching, there’s still time to decide. Receive your quote today, and schedule your transport as soon as next week. Return to your loved ones faster and safer by choosing a car shipping service. 

How Do You Ship Your Car?

Missing the Sun or Miss Your Family 3

It’s easier than you think. 

  • Make plans.
    • Start by planning out your preferred travel dates in advance. The further in advance you plan, the better. 
  • Get a quote.
  • Book your trip.
    • Speak with a representative online or over the phone. If you’re satisfied with the quoted price, you can book your order. 
  • Prepare for pickup.
    • A truck will come to pick up your car for transport within your scheduled timeframe. The company will send you alerts to let you know when the truck is coming. Someone will need to be home, so if you aren’t available, make sure a trusted neighbor or family member will be there in your place. 
  • Receive your car.
    • Upon delivery, perform a final inspection on your vehicle, and be sure to follow up with the shipping company if you have any questions or concerns. 

Then relax, because you’re all finished! For more information, you can read in-depth guides to shipping your car on TrustedChoice and Edmunds. Happy flying, snowbirds.

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Missing the Sun or Missing Your Family