These Might be the Reasons You’re Getting Headaches

By on July 11, 2016
These Might be the Reasons You’re Getting Headaches

Headaches are a blight we all must face at times in our lives, whether they are random; from playing the games consoles for too long; watching a 3D movie; being hungover, or stressed. Some people have to suffer them with a lot more regularity than the rest of us and it’s these people I hope to help today.

There is a lot of researching being done on headaches and their scarier big brother, migraines. Headaches, annoyingly, can be caused by a wide variety of triggers (which is why it’s so hard to pinpoint the exact reason for them) and it’s these we need to look out for and so if you find yourself suffering from too many headaches and migraines, then here are some of the more prevalent reasons why.


Aroma Hand Sanitizer

You might hear about ‘toxins’ a lot if you read up on a ‘fad’ diets. Toxins are the build-up of all the chemicals and nastiness in our bodies and eventually you will start to notice negative side-effects. One of these side-effects is the lack of oxygen to the brain because of the toxins, so it’s a good idea to rid yourself of the toxins, before jumping to the pain medication.

Bad Circulation

Bad circulation isn’t always something you’re born with, but can be the result of other negative body issues such as stress, hormone imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies which if you address those first, might relieve the pain in your head.

Light Sensitivity

Both a cause and symptom of migraines, light sensitivity and photophobia is essentially when light causes pain and sickness in the person, a bit like when you or I stare into the sun for too long. People will light sensitivity have more migraines, but also people with migraines almost always claim to have an increased sensitivity to light.

Simple Lack of Sleep

It might not be a big mystery at all and you might just need more sleep. It is recommended that 7 hours is the perfect amount of sleep for a human. Experts also recommend never having less than 6 and never having more than 8 (unless you’re overtired).

Hungry or Thirsty

If you have headache the first thing you should try (especially if you haven’t eaten or drunk anything in a while) is eat or drink. Chances are that’s all you need. Before you rush off to have a lie down or guzzle some paracetemol, have a pint of water and gnaw on a carrot stick and see if you feel better.

Pain Meds

There is a vicious circle where people who are prone to having headaches take lots of paracetemol throughout the week but still get headaches. Chances are it’s because you’re taking too much paracetemol, either the pills themselves are causing you pain or their effectiveness has worn of because you’re becoming immune, so go see a doctor and find out what the real issue is instead of just trying to take pain medication the entire time.

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These Might be the Reasons You’re Getting Headaches