Menopause and Mood Swings

By on August 15, 2018
Mood swings

Why is it that we can be happy one minute, then suddenly have a shift of mood that triggers heart disease and all kinds of negative emotions?

How women cognitively, emotionally and physically react to the change of life will be vastly different from one person to the next.  Sure, there may be symptoms that women experience that are similar, but no two women will be able to compare exactly the same experiences so this means mood swings may be a non-issue for some women, while others will be confused as to why they feel rage, anger, sadness, irritability, dislike, frustration or depression when nothing they are doing at the time or those they are with at the time will be responsible for the change of mood. 

But why do we have them at all?

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Enough research has been done to identify that from pre-menopause age for a woman anywhere in her 40’s, the change of hormone balance plays a major role.

No need to despair. There are ways we can address the emotional triggers that arise so, try the following.


The very first, and most powerful thing you need to do if you suffer with mood swings, is to recognise that you have transitioned into one. Be aware of the time of day, where you are, who you are with, and also reflect on the quality of your sleep the evening before. Whether your environment has or has not had anything to do with your change in emotion. The best thing you can do for yourself is take a quiet moment to sit and focus on your breathing at that time. Taking time to breathe in through your nose and  out through your mouth which triggers neurons in your brain that calm you very quickly.  


Food plays a significant role in how we function physically, mentally and emotionally. We know we can’t go without food but there’s more and more evidence in research today linking the quality of nutrients we receive from our chosen daily diet, to not only our energy levels and muscle development, but to cognitive sharpness and emotional stability. The key though is to make sure your food is not contaminated with pesticides, residues and toxins, as these play havoc on our hormones which in turn, can affect our mood.


We are all aware that exercise helps strengthen the heart and lungs, with the added benefit of having us look and feel good too. It’s well proven that moving our bodies for at least 150 minutes a week, will release hormones through our body and into our brain which can help relieve many negative emotions.

Something as simple as going for a short walk in the sunshine while being aware of your breathing techniques as I mentioned above, will eliminate your mood swings and, there’s every chance you will feel happier within yourself when you return. 


Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and drugs – whether prescribed or not, are all stimulants that may well trigger a swing in the mood. 

Caffeine and sugar are two “everyday” stimulants that many people consume and too often the routine of daily coffees and sweet treats blinds people to just how much they are consuming. Throw in the habitual or social relaxant of alcohol, or the necessary or unnecessary use of drugs, and the microbiome in the gut will send alarm signals to the brain that can quickly trigger unexpected mood swings. 

Do the exercise of making a note of how many stimulants you consume in a week. If the result surprises you, aim to set yourself a goal to reduce the intake by 50% where possible. 

It’s important to find “me” time in your day. Even just 20 to 60 minutes each day to go for a walk, take time for a massage, catch up with a friend, or play some calming music while you focus on breathing exercises. 

If you feel these remedies may not help you, try talking with your medical practitioner to be sure there are no underlying reasons for your mood swings.

Louise Skeen is a sought-after women’s health and fitness educator and public speaker, known for her passion to educate women in nutrition, fitness and hormone health.

Louise has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years, and has successfully owned and operated health and fitness facilities in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. She currently owns and operates Personal Fitness for Women, a boutique personal training studio located in her home town of Lake Macquarie.

She’s written a No.1 Amazon Bestselling book, Hot Flush to Hot Body in Just 6 Weeks: Lose Weight and Not Your Mind During Menopause and has launched her own brand this year called Louise Skeen™, Mind, Body, Health Coach.

The objective is to help women over 50 feel young, live young, and be young. She currently has online programs to target women’s self-empowerment and wellness for longevity, including the 28 Day Mindset Reboot, 28 Day Body Fit Reset, and 28 Day Food For Life.

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Menopause and Mood Swings