Where to Meet Single Seniors

By on October 22, 2019

It’s hard to convince yourself to try new things with your youth and passion being yet a fleeting memory. You may be no spring chicken anymore and as a single senior, you have walked down the long road of life with all the ups and downs. Perhaps it has been some time since you had someone to share your journey with. Should you keep walking this road alone?

NO, not really. Life isn’t a journey meant to be traveled like that. Senior years are actually the wonderful time of life that all of us would experience. And every one of us deserves the companionship from that special someone during the golden years. Thus if you are currently single, it may worth the effort to find a partner who will take the journey with you for the rest of life.

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That being said, singles over 50 aren’t that easy to be found. We often hear that women over 50 complain about not being able to find qualified men in their age group. The funny thing is that men in this age group complained about the same thing. And it’s been quite a while since you’ve been around the dating scene. Where do you even start?

The classical way: A textbook meetup

Ah, the old-fashioned ways are often the most romantic. Maybe you chance by her when you stop to get your morning coffee from your favorite café. Or perhaps you see someone walking their dog in the park in your neighborhood. Your eyes meet, and there’s an instant spark you feel, followed by a need to get to know this person. You talk, and in your mind, you both feel as if you were always searching for the other person for a very long time without ever knowing who they were. You exchange phone numbers and with giddy smiles promise to meet again.

Beautiful right? Too bad these chance meetings aren’t as common as you’d like them to be.

Let’s make things interesting: Try travel groups

A travel group would be a great way to find a suitable partner. After all, if someone over 50 is traveling alone, he or she is probably someone who has decided they want to live their life to the fullest and will be open to new relationships and experiences.  

Still, going for a trip is easier said than done. Forget about expenses, your health alone may raise some issues before you set out to travel anywhere. And there’s no guarantee you’d find a single partner over 50 in your particular group, let alone a senior single who’d be your type.

So, what now?

Your best option: Online dating sites

With online dating sites, you’ve got a platform where only people who’re interested in pursuing a relationship like you will approach you. That’s right; the potential match will approach you if they find you to be a suitable match! Not only that, but you’d have a whole selection to pick and choose from the many active users on the website, something you wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

And speaking of online dating, you may know the famous Tinder, but most of the Tinder users are below the age of 45. You may look for an alternative like Tinder for seniors. This kind of senior dating site is designed for senior singles only. It would be easy for you to figure out that someone you find attractive is in your vicinity and has the same interests as you do.

While online dating is the most effective way for senior singles to find a possible match, you may keep in mind some safety tips to make your online dating a successful and pleasant one.


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Where to Meet Single Seniors