Marketing Apartments: What Can You Use in Your Favor to Get the Best Results?

By on April 3, 2020

If you have a vested interest in any rentable property, you should consider marketing it. Hoboken apartments for rent shouldn’t stay empty for too long, provided it’s in a prime location, but unfortunately, that’s not always true in this economy.

Not everyone can afford to pay the rent necessary for staying in prime locations. Besides, what if we are discussing a rental apartment in a less popular location? Marketing is the solution in either situation, and the following are important considerations for that.

List What You Can Boast of

People usually look at the unique factors and bottom lines of an apartment ad before even contacting the landlord/agent. Some of the most relevant factors to tenants are as follows.

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  • The listed rent in relation to the location and the space on offer
  • Proximity to major connection points and public transportation
  • Unique features, security, and special facilities offered at the apartment building
  • Condition of the apartment building and the interiors

You need to highlight each and every one of the residential apartment’s advantages via marketing content, so list them down first.

For example, if you have invested in apartment package lockers, make sure you highlight it because it’s a serious benefit for both tenants and property managers to not have to wait on, or keep track of, e-commerce package deliveries. The same goes for security measures, entertainment facilities, pools, game rooms, etc. as well. If the apartment building has it, it’s time to flaunt it!

SEO Should be a Priority for Online Marketing

Digital marketing is more effective and cheaper than offline marketing, although you may have to invest in small offline marketing efforts as well in some cases. For the most part though, no other digital marketing tool is as important as search engine optimization is in online real estate marketing.

People search with phrases such as “rent property near me” or “rent property under $X” all the time on Google, which is how they come to know of and explore a majority of their online options. Find the right keywords and run a localized SEO campaign to get attention from the right type of tenants.

Integrate Social Media into the SEO Campaign

In order for any proper digital marketing strategy to be successful in 2019 and beyond, it needs to have a social media aspect to it. After potential tenants see your keyword-optimized content on their SERPs, their tap or click must lead them to the apartment’s/business’s website or its Facebook page. It should provide easy access to all the necessary information about the apartment building, contact info for the property manager/agent, and reviews from existing tenants, where applicable.

Unlike property exchange (buying and selling), the rent economy has not suffered as much in the US, which is good news. It may take a few marketing investments but rest assured that as long as the apartment building is a well-maintained and properly serviced facility in a decent enough location, the tenants will arrive soon.

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Marketing Apartments: What Can You Use in Your Favor to Get the Best Results?