What is Revenue Cycle Management?

By on April 3, 2020
Revenue Cycle

When confronted by corporate jargon, many of us simply turn off, failing to get to grips with the concept put in front of us. But this jargon has been designed for a reason: to detail a complex methodology or process that enables efficiency in the management of different parts of the business. Such is the case with revenue cycle management, which this article aims to demystify. 

Explaining what this concept is, how the process works, and the benefits it can provide to your healthcare business, this article expands upon revenue cycle management as a system to use in the 2020s.

The Problem

It’s always best to outline the problem before you show how a new system solves it. When you’re running a business – and especially one such as healthcare, which isn’t necessarily so sharp on monitoring its bottom line – you can fail to stay on top of the payments, or revenue, that you’re receiving into your business. 

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This can obviously lead to missed invoices and being underpaid by clients, patients, and customers. The problem here emerges because of a lack of a centralized monitoring system, which allows you to keep tabs on your expected payments. 

The Revenue Cycle Solution 

The solution – you guessed it – is revenue cycle management software. Put simply, this is a centralized, streamlined system that allows for employees and managers to keep track of the revenue that a business is making – whether that’s in the form of complex payments made online, or cash payments left in-store or in-branch. 

By keeping abreast of all of your revenue in-payments, and watching as this cash is cycled through to cover your overheads and to invest further in your business, you’ll gain a far better understanding of your cash flow moving forwards. 


You should look to reputable revenue cycle management companies to understand how your business can onboard this useful technology to help maintain a strict and ethical revenue stream. Such companies will be able to walk you through the process, explaining in full how you should expect your pre-existing systems to align with this new technology. 

They’ll also be able to provide expert advice and training to the employees that you expect to be using this function, and they’ll offer guidance in your first days and weeks after the installation, to ensure that everything’s working well and there are no unforeseen glitches in the system.

Software for the Future

Revenue cycle management is a simple and elegant solution that’s future-facing. In a world of tracked payments, direct debit, e-commerce, and online stores, it makes no sense to employ digital payments tracker. Indeed, cash is becoming fairly obsolete, which means that now, more than ever before, it is a wonderful time to invest in this remarkable system. Keep track of payments, and know when to chase clients and customers, with a revenue cycle management software – and you’ll be able to plot and predict your finances with greater panache as a byproduct of your system working well.

There you have it: the key tenets and functions of a revenue cycle management system – and why you should onboard it today.

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What is Revenue Cycle Management?