Making The New Year Awesome

By on December 24, 2019
New Year

There is something about the New Year. For many women over 50, we love the idea of something new. The opportunity to start over and wipe the slate clean. Every day we get to start fresh, but there is definitely something appealing about a new year, and creating a new start.

Like many of you, I will be setting “New Year resolutions”. Not sure I will call them resolutions, but “New Year’s goals”. It is amazing as I look back over the achievements that I have seen, there is something about writing down my aspirations. So whether you are looking for major changes in your life in 2020 or incremental improvements, here are some tips from LivingBetter50 for an awesome 2020!

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Make smaller resolutions

I am a big believer in the 1% theory. If I can improve by only 1% each day at various skills or towards a goal, in 100 days, I’ll show a 100% improvement! Often we get overwhelmed by the goals and tasks that we set for ourselves, and it is easy to give up on these gigantic tasks! Set goals and tasks for incremental achievements, you will feel like an overachiever!

Get specific with your goals

Whether you have goals or resolutions, be specific. You can only aim for something that you can clearly see! It helps you to hold yourself, or have others hold you, accountable.

Write them down

Now that you have your specific goals or resolutions in mind, get them on paper. Whether you type them into your computer to print up or use a pen and paper, get your tasks visual. The only time I would recommend that you do not write them by hand is if you may not write legibly. You need to have these up somewhere you will see your goals and resolutions frequently. You need to be reminded and encouraged to continue until you see your desired reality! 

Get your accountability

Find someone that you can share your resolutions or goals with. Ask them to hold you accountable. Have them send you regular text messages or give you a call to make sure you stay on target. Not only will they hold you accountable for your desires, but your relationship should certainly improve. Those texts and calls will sprout side conversations where you will grow closer.

Don’t get down

None of us are perfect, and we will not get things right every day. When you have one of those bad ones, give yourself a break. Any growth has downtimes and upside growth. If you had a graph, the continued efforts should continue in the long term in an upward trend. This will secure the goals and resolutions in time.

Remember as you set out for an awesome new year that life is a journey. It is not all about the individual battles, but about the experience. Set resolutions and goals that encompass yourself as well as those around you. At this time of year as you contemplate the greater things in life and for what you will be remembered, endeavor to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


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Making The New Year Awesome