Now is the Time to Plan Your 2020 Resolutions

By on October 23, 2019

The countdown to 2020 is on, as the new year is quickly approaching. Most people leave their resolutions to the last minute, putting together a generic list which includes being healthier, making more money and getting fit. While these are all reasonable goals to strive for, being successful in implementing major life changes usually requires you to plan ahead. 

Instead of waiting until midnight on Dec. 31, you can start planning your 2020 resolutions now. Here are four things to consider including on your list:

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1. Be Healthy

Most of us know we could be healthier, and the benefits of changing our diet and exercising more can be life-changing. In fact, leading a healthier lifestyle is also great for your mental health, confidence and energy levels. This is one resolution you can prepare for now by gradually making changes. 

You can start slowly by being active 30 minutes a day and finding healthier alternatives to your favorite fast foods. If you smoke, you can gradually cut back, and breaking this habit early could even leave you with extra money for Christmas. If you have difficulty staying motivated, consider signing up for an exercise program, sharing the journey with a friend, or hiring a personal trainer. 

2. Be Kind

Helping others who are less fortunate will make you feel good and certainly isn’t an expensive undertaking. In fact, volunteering your time costs nothing, and whether it’s serving food to the homeless or taking in an animal from a shelter, there are numerous ways in which you can step up and be more philanthropic.

Having a more positive and generous attitude is something people strive for at this time of year, and you can start by calling an old friend who you have lost touch with. Being kinder might need to be a conscious decision, but gradually it will become second nature.

3. Be Adventurous

Your life should be a mix of work and play, and one item which should be on your list of resolutions for 2020 is travel! This is something best planned ahead, and now is the perfect time to start researching your dream destinations. If you think a big vacation is out of reach, a cruise could be an affordable, family-friendly getaway.

For example, Alaska cruise vacations are one option that will give you the experience of a lifetime. With a package deal, you can travel in luxury at a set price. Witness the wonders of Alaska with wildlife, glaciers and unique scenery.

4. Be Organized

When your home, office, and car are cluttered, it can make you feel unproductive. Taking the time now to reorganize your life could set the scene for a fresh 2020. Start by decluttering your home, and sell or donate any items you no longer need. When you organize your office and your files, you will be more productive. If your goal is to make more money in 2020, a clear workspace will push you to stay motivated. 

This organization doesn’t just refer to “things”. Marie Kondo has shown us the importance of decluttering all areas of your life from your finances to your relationships.

Start Your Resolutions Now

As we start winding down the year, now is as good a time as any to start reflecting on the past year and where you’d like to implement changes for the future. Consider your goals and set them in motion early. 

This will give you a head start and make them more achievable. Consider making healthier choices, helping others, booking in an adventure, and organizing your life. 2020 is just around the corner, and it could just be the best year yet!


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Now is the Time to Plan Your 2020 Resolutions