A Dying Parent is Excruciating

By on December 24, 2019
Dying parent

A dying parent will teach you that there’s nothing a parent won’t do to make it easier for their child. You will hear your dying parent say, ‘I’m ready,’ even though you aren’t. You don’t want to let go of the hand that you’ve held since you were small. When your parent finally finds peace, you realize that your parent is still teaching you about life.

It’s never easy losing a loved one. The heart goes through so much pain and rollercoaster emotions. The pain seems physically squeeze you sometimes. You’ll find yourself wishing that you could bring them back, and the reality of knowing there’s nothing you can do worsens the ordeal. Losing a parent is as painful as anything can ever be. Words can’t console you, and only time can lessen the pain.

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LivingBetter50 has some insights on what anyone should expect if they are ever caught up in such an unfortunate reality.

A dying parent is exhausting

Shuttling between your home and that of your parent’s place, going to work, checking up on your parent and their condition literally will drain you. Everything becomes overwhelming at some point. You exceed a level of emotional exhaustion from worrying about what each day would bring, wishing it would all blow over.

A dying parent helps you realize your selfishness

Sometimes, women over 50 with a parent on their death bed wish for their parents to at least make it to the next event or holiday. After all, you and your family members will need their parent and grandparent around during the holiday. You secretly will them to hold on so that you won’t have the guilt from missing their last hours due to travel plans. You find yourself irrationally angry because cancer will eventually steal your hero and you can’t bear the thought of your life without your parents.

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A dying parent reminds you of your frailty

Death suddenly becomes very real, raw and you’ll be struck heavily by your own frailty. You may start to feel guilty that one day, you will place your children in the pain that you are presently experiencing as you watch your parents suffer. Perhaps your kids would feel what she feels watching their grandparents and not being able to do anything about the situation.

There are no rules for dealing with grief. You just have to get through it. Your family and friends will try to console you, but the words won’t really soothe the gnawing ache. Anytime a loved one is taken from us we ache as they leave us with only memories and wishes.


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A Dying Parent is Excruciating