How to Make Your Grandchild’s Birthday Party Memorable

By on March 20, 2020
Grandchild's birthday

Women over 50 organizing their grandchild’s birthday can be one of the most enjoyable ways you can contribute to their lives. Not only does it reduce stress for your own child and their partner, the satisfaction that comes from seeing the little one and all of their friends have a fantastic, fun day will be worth every minute of effort put in. Here are some tips for making sure the day is a roaring success.

  • Make a guest list

Birthday parties are the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family together; this part of planning can sometimes get a little stressful but remember that it’s just about bringing together people who your grandchild will be happy to see. When it comes to friends, do you think your grandchild would like to include every one of their classmates, or do you think they would be happier with a few close friends?

  • Select the theme

Is your grandchild very active? Why not create a sports day in their honor? If they have a favorite animal or cartoon character, incorporate this throughout? Do they have a special hobby or interest, such as astronomy – maybe opt for an inflatable planet? Making the theme something that your grandchild really likes will show that you have put a lot of effort to make the day special for them.

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  • Find the perfect venue

This will depend entirely on the number of people you want to invite. Hosting the party at home, especially if you have the benefit of a large garden and good weather, can be the most cost-effective method. However, if you’d prefer not to deal with the clear-up afterward, sports and community halls can be great alternatives. Getting creative with the decorations can make even the humblest of spaces a magical destination.

  • Organize the entertainment

As you’ll no doubt remember from your days as a parent, children are easily bored. While some are happy enough to create their own fun and games, the best way to keep a birthday party under control is to have a full schedule for entertainment, with back-up plans in place just in case! Think of a few short games that everyone can get involved with, a longer activity such as a scavenger hunt, and some creative endeavors too. If budget allows, consider hiring a children’s entertainer such as a magician or an impersonator of their favorite character.

  • Choose the right food

The food at a child’s birthday party shouldn’t be the center of attention – it’s merely there to keep energy levels up during the fun! Provide fun, bite-size snacks such as sandwich triangles, mini pizzas, and slices of fruit that little hands can grab on the go without being too messy. If your grandchild is a fussy eater, now isn’t the time to try expanding their palette.

  • Be present

Don’t spend the day of the party working behind the scenes trying to iron out every fine detail; your grandchild isn’t going to notice that the tablecloths are askew. What they will remember is you playing games with them and having a laugh on their birthday – so it’s time for you to enjoy the day too!

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How to Make Your Grandchild’s Birthday Party Memorable