3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Grandchildren’s Birthdays

By on July 17, 2018
3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Grandchildren's Birthdays

There’s nothing wrong with birthday celebrations consisting of cake and party games, but perhaps your kids have already planned those sorts of birthday celebrations for your grandchildren. If you need some ideas for kids’ birthday celebrations that are a little more unique, consider trying these fun activities with your grandchildren on their special days:

Read Fun Stories Together

Storybooks make excellent birthday gifts for children. New books give them the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of reading; books can also help them learn interesting things and improve their language skills. There are no downsides to giving books as birthday gifts.

To ensure this gift is even more special, you can make it part of a memorable and fun experience. On each child’s birthday, you can plan a trip to the bookstore together. Allow the child to select several books that are appropriate for his or her reading level. Then take the books home to enjoy story time together. If your grandchildren are old enough to read out loud, and they enjoy reading, you can have them read the stories to you. Otherwise, you can volunteer to be the story reader. Either way, you’ll both cherish this gift of pleasurable time shared together.


Perform a Play Together

Costume parties, complete with prizes and gifts, are a birthday tradition for some families. These can be fun, but there are possible downsides. One is that this type of celebration can lead to hurt feelings for children who don’t win a prize in the costume contest; another is that all the gift giving can unintentionally help to encourage a sense of entitlement.

If your grandkids already get plenty of presents, you can still have fun dressing up with them in a way that encourages learning and creativity rather than entitlement. You can spend some time with your grandchildren each week leading up to the dates of the children’s birthdays; use this time for dressing up together in costumes and practicing the performance of a play together. You could choose to perform a vintage musical, complete with 1920s costumes, or perhaps a newer drama. If you’re in need of ideas, the Pioneer Drama website has a great list of children’s musicals you could choose from. Opening night could be the child’s birthday, and your little theatre troupe could treat your whole family and all the children’s friends to a night of fun entertainment.

If that seems like too much work, you could take your grandkids to see a play instead. Many cities have children’s theatre groups that offer an evening’s entertainment for a reasonable price.

Take Them Fishing

A fishing trip can be a memorable birthday adventure that neither you nor your grandchildren will ever forget. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can take them out for a day of fishing and boating. If you’re not much of a boater, you can locate a fishing pier or a river, lake or beach where fishing is allowed. Remember to make sure you get fishing licenses for everyone. Also be sure to check local laws regarding which fish are protected species and are not legal to catch and keep.

No matter which way you choose to celebrate, your grandchildren are sure to appreciate the time you’ll spend with them and the effort you’ll invest in the celebration. 

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3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Grandchildren’s Birthdays