How Age Effects Our Physical Performance

By on March 20, 2020
Physical Performance

Our bodies change as we age, impacting our physical performance as women over 50. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. However, as we are now living much longer it’s imperative to understand how your physical self is going to change in order to recognize issues and maintain quality mental health. In turn, understanding how your body is going to react to aging will mean you start making early lifestyle changes to protect your health and long term quality of life. 

An Increased Risk Of UTIs & Bladder Infections

As with your skin, organs, intestines, and internal passages lose their elasticity and reactivity. This is completely natural and affects many older people. Unfortunately, the weakening of this area means that it’s harder to completely clear out your bladder. Alternatively, at the other end of the spectrum, some people may lose control and become mildly incontinent as they age. This can be worsened by factors such as being overweight, nerve damage, diabetes, some medications, and excessive caffeine consumption. 

Small habits can help to protect against infections and swelling in the area. Make sure you go to the toilet regularly, maintain a regular exercise routine and practice Kegel or rectum exercises to improve elasticity. Furthermore, as you age, swap to decaffeinated drinks and avoid acidic foods to prevent further irritation to the area. 

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Cognitive Elasticity & Memory

Perhaps the most frustrating side effect of aging is slowly losing cognitive ability. This is most noticeable when it comes to recalling speed. This means how quickly a word, name or memory can be remembered and communicated. In turn, make sure you prioritize mental exercises as much as physical. These can be crosswords and similar puzzles that require thinking or strategy. Reading and listening to audiobooks can also help you to maintain vocabulary and continuously expand your mind. 

Social activity is also crucial to mental awareness and protects against mental health concerns, including loneliness, anxiety, and depression, which is common in older people. 

Aches, Pains & Muscle Weakening 

Aches and pains as you age are the butts of so many jokes. Yet, small changes to routines and how you think about these aches and pains – they are not entirely preventable, but they are deferable – can improve the quality of your bones and muscles to prevent general pain as you age

Sexual Performance Can Change 

One of the changes as you age that can impact your mental and emotional wellbeing the most is sexual performance. Declines in bodily reaction impacts both men and women. This is because of the hormonal levels within the body decline as we age. Common reactions include a need for more stimulation to achieve an erection, irregular or a struggle maintaining a satisfactory erection for penetration, shorter orgasms and longer time between sexual experiences. 

Unfortunately, most of these do affect men. Small, safe changes to your sexual habits can offset any embarrassment or physical decline, such as sildenafil tablets. Taking a tablet before sexual activity is minimally invasive and helps many enjoy satisfying romantic lives. 

Ensuring you consume enough calcium to support declining bone density that becomes more susceptible to fractures is critical. It does not have to supplement, but can be in the support of healthy food which will offer more benefits than taking a tablet. Vitamin D is also critical for healthy bones and a good immune system. This can be extracted from sunlight, but also bolstering your diet with things like eggs and tuna. Conditioning exercises that are low impact also protect against aches and pains. Swimming, walking, and activities such as Tai Chi are thoroughly recommended.

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How Age Effects Our Physical Performance