Make Your Golden Years Shine with Fitness

By on August 30, 2017
Make Your Golden Years Shine with Fitness

The golden years are sometimes tarnished because of declining health. But poor health doesn’t have to dominate this time of your life if you keep up with a healthy lifestyle and exercise. To live at your best, older adults are encouraged to get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, according to Today’s Geriatric Medicine.

The following can help motivate and inspire you to kick your fitness into high gear. Just make sure to take safety precautions before diving right in. You may have to tailor exercise programs (and ambitions) to suit your abilities and medical conditions. Test your physical limits at any age, while also taking safety precautions (which can include consulting your doctor or ensuring your safety by exercising with a medical alert device, which can be used to contact help in the event of a medical emergency).

Impact of HIIT at the Cellular Level

A report recently published in Cell Metabolism found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) positively impacted the decline in muscle mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of energy. In other words, intense exercise can improve the diminishing cellular health of muscles, according to Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, the study’s senior author, reported by The New York Times. Interval training, which is intense bursts of exercise, followed by short breaks, boosts the health of mitochondria and energy produced.

Referring to the same study, AARP adds that this fast-paced routine helps reverse signs of aging cells and reduce the effects of aging, essentially restoring youthfulness. This highly efficient exercise requires spurts of pushing the body to the max and then a brief period of low-intensity recovery. Cross Training Pro offers five senior-friendly HIIT sessions that combine with resistance and circuit training. These sessions involve using equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and dumbbells. You can also get your sweat on outside of the gym using the stairs, or swimming pool for less impact.

More Than Just Vitamin D

Receiving Vitamin D supplied by the sun is one of the best benefits of being outside, as we all know. The hormone helps maintain a healthy immune system and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. The mental and emotional health of many aging older adults starts to diminish due to loneliness, a decline in abilities and independence and social isolation. Being in nature is known to boost serotonin, restore mental energy, relieve stress and anxiety and improve self-esteem. Integrate the outdoors into your daily exercise routine, whether you stroll through a park or go on a hike. Even meditation surrounded by Mother Nature can offer great health benefits to improve your quality of life.

Be Social and Adventurous

We can all suffer from the lack of motivation to get moving, but an exercise buddy can help you stay accountable while bringing the additional health benefits of being social. Social connections help combat bad health, improve life satisfaction, increase longevity and reduce the risk of dementia. Couple being social with physical activity, and you’re significantly making an positive impact on your health. To become more socially and physically engaged, join a health care club or activity center for seniors. offers active senior meetups in various cities for hiking, pilates, Zumba and even roller skating.

Aging doesn’t have to mean less activity. Keeping up with good fitness habits, getting outdoors and being social can all contribute to a fuller and longer life. Make your golden years shine with these fitness tips.

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Make Your Golden Years Shine with Fitness