Look Hot and Stay Cool: 6 Savvy Summer Dresses

By on July 24, 2013
woman in a bold print dress

By Wendy Lyn Phillips –

I’m addressing the myth that wearing a dress is only for special occasions, work, or church. If you have ever thought that, I challenge you to re-consider the benefits AND the potential compliments and confidence you are prone to get in return. Wearing a dress can make you look really current. Who doesn’t love a cute, comfy, modern dress? Some of the benefits (especially for summer) are:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort – feel like you’re in your pj’s and look like a million
  • Classy – a lady in a dress turns heads 75% more than one dressed in pants
  • Cool – especially in the summer…going pantyhose free and not having something “binding up” around your waist and mid section is glorious, right?

From shapes, patterns, and figure flattering styles, dresses can really enhance your best asset and minimize your least…Like this one here in a hot seasonal trend: BOLD PRINTS (see photo above right)

The reason this works for many body types is because of it’s trendy “stripe” material, the attention to ruching and a side tie at the waist gives an illusion of a waist AND the cap sleeve provide slight arm coverage (always important to consider!) I like the nautical feel for summer which allows this to be dressed up or down with/without heels, with a hat and sandals or with a close toe pump for work.

Here’s 6 knockout examples of dress options that will be certain to hide your age and turn heads:

#1 Bold Patterns – featured above right and in our weekly edition of W.O.W.

woman in wrap dress

#2The Wrap Dress – Shown here on Duchess Kate Middleton. The reason a wrap style always looks so good and gives you big bang for your buck is that it’s “adjustable” around the waist (which makes it comfortable) and such lasting style. The “shirt” dress is another version of this oh-so-trendy and classic style.

Duchess Kate Middleton

#3 The Crochet or Knit Dress – Even if you prefer the Bohemian style, this classic will keep you current. Here’s a link to another knockout dress option from our friends at the Curvy Fashionista.

knit dress

#4 The Chevron (bold) Dress – You’re seeing this print on every thing from home decor to note cards; just because it’s “in” doesn’t mean it’s “in” on you…but it’s a classic style so I wanted to feature it.                   

chevron dress

#5 The Hi Low Dress –  Here, we see the chevron print again but in a combo hi-low/maxi style – comfort and trend all for under $50 at Kohl’s.

Hi low dress

#6 Floral! Here’s two versions – It’s always feminine and pretty for a daytime party, lunch with friends or the office. Careful on the size of the print. Tip: minimize the boldness if you need to with a solid scarf, bolero jacket or sweater on top. And always add a little fit and form with slight shoulder pads or a more structured add on when needed. Good posture takes you from good to great in  your sizzling, summer dress!

floral skirtfloral dress


About Wendy Lyn Phillips

Wendy Lyn is a beauty and image expert with over 25 years experience. As an entrepreneur for all of her adult life, she has coached thousands on the value of a compelling presence, sales, and communication. She is a speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout; Beauty from the Inside Out. Visit www.NakedtoKnockout.com to find out more.

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Look Hot and Stay Cool: 6 Savvy Summer Dresses