Look Hot and Stay Cool: 6 Savvy Summer Dresses

By on July 24, 2013
woman in a bold print dress

I’m addressing the myth that wearing a dress is only for special occasions, work, or church. If you have ever thought that, I challenge you to re-consider the benefits AND the potential compliments and confidence you are prone to get in return. Wearing a dress can make you look really current. Who doesn’t love a cute, comfy, modern dress? Some of the benefits (especially for summer) are:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort – feel like you’re in your pj’s and look like a million
  • Classy – a lady in a dress turns heads 75% more than one dressed in pants
  • Cool – especially in the summer…going pantyhose free and not having something “binding up” around your waist and midsection is glorious, right?

From shapes, patterns, and figure-flattering styles, dresses can really enhance your best asset and minimize your least…Like this one here in a hot seasonal trend: BOLD PRINTS (see photo above right)

The reason this works for many body types is because of it’s trendy “stripe” material, the attention to ruching and a side tie at the waist gives an illusion of a waist AND the cap sleeve provide slight arm coverage (always important to consider!) I like the nautical feel for summer which allows this to be dressed up or down with/without heels, with a hat and sandals or with a closed toe pump for work.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

Here are 6 knockout examples of dress options that will be certain to hide your age and turn heads:

#1 Bold Patterns – featured above right and in our weekly edition of W.O.W.

woman in wrap dress

#2The Wrap Dress – Shown here on Duchess Kate Middleton. The reason a wrap style always looks so good and gives you a big bang for your buck is that it’s “adjustable” around the waist (which makes it comfortable) and such lasting style. The “shirt” dress is another version of this oh-so-trendy and classic style.

Duchess Kate Middleton

#3 The Crochet or Knit Dress – Even if you prefer the Bohemian style, this classic will keep you current. Here’s a link to another knockout dress option from our friends at the Curvy Fashionista.

knit dress

#4 The Chevron (bold) Dress – You’re seeing this print on everything from home decor to note cards; just because it’s “in” doesn’t mean it’s “in” on you…but it’s a classic style so I wanted to feature it.                   

chevron dress

#5 The Hi-Low Dress –  Here, we see the chevron print again but in a combo hi-low/maxi style – comfort and trend all for under $50 at Kohls.

Hi low dress

#6 Floral! Here are two versions – It’s always feminine and pretty for a daytime party, lunch with friends or the office. Careful on the size of the print. Tip: minimize the boldness if you need to with a solid scarf, bolero jacket or sweater on top. And always add a little fit and form with slight shoulder pads or a more structured add on when needed. Good posture takes you from good to great in your sizzling, summer dress!

floral skirtfloral dress



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Look Hot and Stay Cool: 6 Savvy Summer Dresses