And Then Came a Lion

By on April 22, 2012

There have been a lot of references to lions in my devotions, once again. The most thought provoking was from 1 Samuel 17:34: And then came a lion. When King David was just a boy tending his father’s sheep, he fought off many wild animals, including a lion. David saw them as opportunities to trust God and either moved forward to meet the challenge or stood his ground, ready to defend, unlike myself. I am more inclined to run for the closest tree, even though I know it is useless. (I’ve seen pictures of lions in trees.)

At this moment a major disaster is crouching, waiting for the opportunity to strike. My temp job is shaky. I do not have any form of health care, retirement benefits, or life insurance. I know it is useless to worry over something that might happen, and yet, my mind creates a myriad of what if scenarios. If I would only reflect back, I could recall numerous financial disasters diverted at the last moment, health issues mysteriously evaporating in spite of the doctors’ prognosis, and more. Oh, so much more. But, my mind lists toward the negative rather than the positive and it takes a great deal of effort to reign in those scary images.

However, right now, at this exact moment, there are no disasters or crises, and I need to focus on that, ignoring what might be on the horizon. Storms (and lions) can change direction, or go away, never coming close. And, when the storm does strike (sometimes at the same time the lion charges) I need to remember God never changes. His promises never change, and He will give me the courage, the strength and the wisdom to find shelter in the storm, face my lion and defeat him. For you, O Lord, singularly have settled me in hope. Psalm 4:10

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And Then Came a Lion