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By on April 21, 2012

Happy Earth Day! My husband and I disagree on this day, I believe as Christians we should above all people be taking care of God’s earth so anything that helps us remember that is a good thing.

What can I say… I am a Crunchy Con (remember the book, I loved it!).

Now for the pantry… for my family, the most important part of keeping a good pantry is having a list of necessities. We can’t afford food that sits there unopened for years (although having said that… I do sometimes have something new to try which may sit awhile).

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So, I thought today it might be good to give you links to some excellent pantry lists and articles about the pantry. A few are new, and a few are “oldies but goodies” from my sidebar.

May these inspire your list!

  • The recent Pioneer Woman pantry post… here
  • The Pioneer Woman’s PDF pantry file… here
  • The Christian Home’s pantry list… here
  • The Urban Homemaker’s pantry list… here
  • Honey Hill Farm’s “Providing from the Pantry” series… here
  • Down to Earth’s “Saving Money with a Stockpile” post… here
  • Come to think of it, here is a list of all the Down to Earth stockpiling posts… here
  • My favorite pantry article from the 1990s… here
  • A good PDF article about how long to store items… here

I think this list will keep you busy for awhile. For further info, I do have my Deepening the Pantry list of links on the sidebar. There are a lot of other good places for information to visit in those links.

I need to spend a week or so updating all my links (I know there are a couple dead links there). But that will have to wait until… oh… perhaps the heat of July and August?  😉


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Saturday Pantry Suggestions