Circle The Wagons!

By on April 23, 2012

I love all the new oldie stations we have now. They play tons of old TV shows. I mentioned before that I love old westerns and one of the old TV series I used to watch was Wagon Train.

In search of a better life, pioneers joined a wagon train but found they had to endure tremendous hardships on this new path.

Leaving behind their pasts and most of what they owned, they trudged through snow, freezing temperatures, summer’s sweltering heat, drought, swollen rivers, mud, fire, mountains, broken wagon wheels, lack of food and water, and their biggest threat…going through enemy territory. The Indians did not want them there.

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At night, they circled the wagons for safety against any wild animals and posted guards to watch for any intruders. But during the daytime, they were more vulnerable. The Indians or other raiders could easily attack at any time.

A scout was always sent out to spy out the land in search of the nearest watering hole and any enemies on the prowl, whether human or animal.

When the scout reported that attackers were spotted closing in, the wagon master would yell for the people to circle their wagons. The tighter they closed in the circle, the safer they were from outside influences, closing up any weak points.

Surrounded by a barricade, the people fought back. Peace was elusive until the onslaught was over. However, many drew their inner strength from God and prayer to get them through the ordeal.

Circled in and the raid over, they breathed a sigh of relief, resting from the threat of danger. Feeling safe, they gathered around the campfire and sang.

As pioneers in the Christian journey, we leave behind the past and old ways, but though we travel the new path of a better life, we still encounter hardships.

Trekking through the enemy’s territory, we face his attempts to surround us and shoot his arrows of adverse circumstances at us. During the day, we are the most vulnerable, so we cannot afford to have any weak spots exposed.

Therefore, standing ready to fight, we draw in the circle of protection for safety and post the Holy Spirit as a sentry to warn us of any sneaky attacks of the enemy.

The tighter we close in, the safer we will be from outside influences. Our strength and peace come from inside that tightly drawn circle. Even while experiencing a battle, we celebrate in the warmth of the Lord’s fire and sing our songs of deliverance.

“You are my covering, my secret place; You guard and watch over me from the distress of the enemy; You encircle me with songs of escape and deliverance.” (Ps. 32:7 Lynn’s Version)

How close have you circled in your heart? How safe are you from outside influences?

From His Feet, Lynn


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Circle The Wagons!