Learn How to Implement Forgiveness In Your Marriage Today!

By on December 14, 2015

By Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D. −

It’s easy to hurt and be hurt but it’s difficult to forgive. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a roadmap on how to facilitate forgiveness and their wound moves from hurt, to anger, to bitterness. We are all fallen by nature, therefore, we are going to hurt others and they are going to hurt us, both intentionally and unintentionally.

This is especially true for marriage where two imperfect people are in close proximity together on a regular basis. If not handled correctly, hurts and offenses can build walls quickly within marriage, which breaks down intimacy on all levels. Therefore, it’s imperative for couples to learn some key steps on how to successfully apply forgiveness in their lives. Check out the link below for the full guide on how to do it today!

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Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado and specializes in marriage therapy. He blogs at http://www.christiancrush.com/relationship/.

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Learn How to Implement Forgiveness In Your Marriage Today!