The Last Resort – A Memoir of Zimbabwe Book Review

By on April 28, 2020
Last Resort

I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), visited there last 50 years ago but have very dear friends living there with whom I have regular contact. Douglas Rogers the author of “The Last Resort” was born & raised on farms in Zimbabwe in the Mutare area. Once settled in New York as a journalist he makes many trips back to Zimbabwe to visit his parents & decided to write a book of their lives in this remarkable country.

The book covers the years 2000 to 2019 in Zimbabwe with his parents on a farm near Mutare. This farm had no value for agriculture. His parents built some chalets which they rented out & provided a source of income for themselves. The farm was also home to a budget game lodge for tourists with some game, called drifters. The goings-on at drifters are recorded and Douglas Roger’s descriptions are often humourous while incredible. 

Through turbulent times Douglas’s parents survived living through the threat of their farm being taken away and many other amazing situations – scary & extraordinary. 

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This book is well written & easy to read giving true life experiences of life in Zimbabwe over the past 20 years. I enjoyed it immensely & found it interesting. Hearing first-hand accounts of life in Zimbabwe. The challenges that this couple faced during this time show their strength of character and the many others within their community. 

“This vibrant, tragic and surprisingly funny book is the best account yet of ordinary life—for blacks and whites—under Mugabe’s dictatorship.” The New York Times Book Review

A nuanced, funny, and heartbreaking story.The New Yorker

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The Last Resort – A Memoir of Zimbabwe Book Review