Best Cups Of Coffee

By on April 28, 2020

What did you drink this morning when you woke up? If you are like many people around the world that the first cup was a cup of coffee. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year and 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the United States every day. But if you drink coffee you probably also know there are multiple ways to make that cup of coffee each morning. What are you seeking from your cup of coffee?

What type of coffee maker would best fulfill these needs?

  1. If you are looking for a maker which is easy, quick, and you don’t have to put much thought into making a cup you might consider an old fashioned drip coffee maker. The challenge is drip coffee makers can make coffee overcooked and bitter as it sits on the warming plate waiting for you to drink it. So if you are going to make your coffee and then get involved with a project and lose track of time this might not be the best bet for you. (Note Thermal Coffee Makers resolve this issue by placing your coffee in an insulated pot so it does not overcook) 
  2. If you want to make a versatile coffee that tastes great both over ice and warmed up, you might consider the advantages of being able to make coffee in advance. While it can take 12 hours, cold brew coffee is known to be super smooth and have a low acidic content. It takes time but it can be wonderful to be able to pull out your cold brew whenever you need a cup no matter what time of day it is, or how much energy you have left.
  3. If you like your coffee fix in strong powerful high caffeine burst you probably already are in love with espresso. If espresso is your thing you do not have to travel to your favorite coffee shop. You can buy at-home espresso makers and have your caffeine at your fingertips. These machines come in manual and automatic versions and some even include milk frothers. (If you don’t want to get an espresso machine you might consider an AeroPress as a substitution which is more user friendly and easy to travel with)
  4. If you enjoy the ritual of making a cup of coffee a french press might be for you. With a french press, you are the one in control of making your coffee so you can make it a ritual that helps center you and allows you to be calmer and more creative. Designed with a metal filter these presses often make coffee with better flavor, and you deserve coffee with great flavor. There are even some French presses which are easy to travel with.
  5. If you like your iced coffee sweet and light you might consider a type of coffee maker you may not have heard of before. A Vietnamese coffee maker is only designed to make iced coffee and traditionally Vietnamese coffee includes condensed milk or cream and sugar so it is rich and sweet. Sometimes we all need a touch of sweetness with our coffee. 
  6. If you simply need coffee that is easy to bring with you on trips you might consider instant coffee. While instant will never be as good, if you have a source of hot water, you can travel very lightly and still get your fix. Sometimes you simply need a cup of magic and the quality is not the priority.

If you want the perfect cup of coffee there are three simple steps. First, ask what you want from your cup. Second, determine what type of coffee maker fits your needs. Third, enjoy your cup. What type of coffee are you going to try for your next cup?

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Best Cups Of Coffee