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By on June 29, 2013
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Below is an excerpt from my book, What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business. In this chapter I share the very core of why I have a mission to empower women to release their inner awesome. Through my story, you will learn that your “why” is much bigger than things, but it is rooted in your God-given divine assignment.

It took me a while to find my rhythm to write this chapter. I made several attempts, but for some reason I just couldn’t find my authentic space where the truth of my why would flow.

The day I wrote this part, earlier in the day I had gone to Washington, DC to meet with one of my coaching clients. The drive is about forty-five minutes from my house, and I used it as an opportunity to reflect on some things.

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While driving, my mind began to wander and I started thinking about my best friend of seventeen years, Janice.

When I met Janice she had been recently widowed and I was going through a nasty divorce. Our children went to the same school, which is how I met her. We developed one of the most amazing friendships an individual could have. It was my first experience of having a friendship where there was absolutely no judgment, just genuine care and love.

Our friendship was such that we had a pact, if one had money, the other had money.

During the course of our friendship my life began to change and I made significant changes and started on my path to understanding my purpose and how I fit into God’s bigger plan.

“Start with why.” ~ Simon Sinek

I wanted Janice to go with me and grow with me. But that didn’t happen. I made a couple unsuccessful attempts at getting her to assess where she was in her life and had committed to helping her move beyond where she was to where she really wanted to be in her purpose and life.

The last time I hung out with Janice was July 2010. My husband and I were living in Florida and she came to the area to attend a conference. We planned to spend a day together, and we did.

During our time together I brought up the conversation about moving her life forward. She tried to avoid talking about it, but I wouldn’t let her. I wanted her to hear my heart, and I wanted her to know she had a bigger purpose for living. It was no secret we both knew she wasn’t living to her fullest.

That day she heard my heart and agreed that she needed to make some adjustments if she was going to live to life to her fullest potential.

Three months passed. It was time for Janice to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. The weekend before her birthday her son threw her a big celebration. She had hit the milestone age of fifty. We had our usual text messaging banter. She said she would call me the next day. She didn’t.

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Know Your Why