What to Know Before Your Spouse Turns 50

By on June 30, 2020

When our spouse reaches a huge milestone, such as entering a new decade of life, we want to pull out all the stops to celebrate. If it is time for your loved one to enter their 50s, you are probably ready to throw the party of a lifetime to honor the person who has stood by your side over the years.

The Difficult Part About Turning 50

However, turning a half-century old might not be all sunshine and rainbows for your spouse. While the age of 50 is anything but old, it can still cause some to face their own mortality. Many feel apprehensive about this big milestone, and it can be very anxiety-inducing for your spouse.

When your spouse looks in the mirror, they might be able to see the physical changes that have come with aging, whether it is gray hairs or well-earned laugh lines. Mentally, it can be tolling to consider what is to come in the next decade. The fifties can bring the death of parents, children leaving the home and preparing for retirement.

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Fifty and Fantastic

It is important to encourage your spouse and remind them of all the great things this next decade can bring. Turning 50 can be quite fantastic if you know what to look forward to in the coming years. Self-acceptance of the changes in your body can be freeing, and it can help if you remind your spouse just how sexy you find him or her. While children leaving the nest is a big pill to swallow, the relationship with your child as they age changes, bringing a deep understanding and friendship. This also allows your spouse more time for the things they love, such as traveling and reading.

Remind your loved one there is plenty to celebrate as they begin the next half-century of their life. With that said, hold off on sending out those 50th birthday invitations until you’re certain your spouse would be on board with a big party. Some folks are sensitive about reaching this milestone and might prefer a quiet night home. But for those who are game, there are many ways to make it one of the best days of their life, especially as they enter the 50s surrounded by their family and friends.

Party Like it’s Your Birthday

Try doing something you have never done before to remind your spouse there is plenty of time left for new experiences. It can be simple as trying a new restaurant or taking a cooking class. Make sure to avoid things that might make your spouse feel bad about themselves; for example, don’t plan a ski trip to celebrate if your spouse has achy knees. Invite good friends who have added value to your spouse’s life, and don’t forget to include the kids. Children get excited about every celebration, from Christmas to Halloween, but they add an extra touch of enthusiasm to birthday parties. It can bring out the kid in all of us to include them, and they will come up with unique ideas all their own to help make it extra special.

Keep the celebration to the size and style of your spouse, if they want a small circle of loved ones to celebrate with, honor that request. If they are ready to go all out and shout to the world they are turning 50, then get your party hat on and celebrate the most important person in your life.

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What to Know Before Your Spouse Turns 50