Is Your Closet Missing These Spring Fashion Necessities?

By on February 21, 2021
Spring Fashion Necessities

Every woman needs what I call “Spring Fashion Necessities”. Spring is like a fussy person who can’t make up their mind! When I think of Spring, I dream of sunshine and color. However, Spring is not all blossoms and warmer days. Spring is fickle with high and low temperatures. Wet and dry weather conditions. Some days can have all four seasons mixed into one. So, deciding what to wear can be extremely difficult.

Spring Fashion Necessities

1. Light Cardigan or Jacket

Spring fashion Spring days can start off chilly, get really warm by noon, and end with a cool breeze. Having a light cardigan or jacket is the easiest way to dress up an outfit and be one of the most practical items of clothing for the season. When you find a Spring cardigan that you absolutely love, it’s worth investing in more than one and having a variety of colors. 

2. Ballet Flats or Boating Shoes

spring fashionMost days are too cold for sandals but by the end of Winter, we’re bored of our boots and “clogs”. Ballet flats and Boating shoes can be both comfortable and cute.  They are the perfect Spring shoes. Ballet flats can be worn with a Spring dress or your capris. Boating shoes go well with jeans or even shorts.

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3. Cotton Dress 

spring fashion Finding the perfect Spring dress does not need to be a challenge. The advantages of cotton is that it allows insulation and provides moisture control. A Spring cotton dress will keep you both cool and warm. It will allow your body temperature to regulate itself keeping you comfortable and confident!

4. Hat, Scarf, and Accessories 

A hat, scarf, belt, jewelry, and even a purse can completely transform any outfit. A Spring scarf is both useful and fashionable for any Spring wardrobe. If you plan to be outdoors, a Spring hat will protect your Winter skin from the sun and give your outfit a fresh look. Always accessorize your outfit for a finished, polished look. 


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Is Your Closet Missing These Spring Fashion Necessities?