Important Characteristics Every Judge Should Have

By on May 11, 2020

A judge has a very important place in society. He or she helps maintain law and order. From the bench, a judge makes important decisions that can impact lives and make changes that affect everyone.

It is, therefore, essential that anyone who holds this position to possess certain characteristics that will ensure he or she can do the job effectively and fairly.

A Judge’s Job

Before you can understand the characteristics of a good judge, it helps to understand what the job of a judge entails. NOLO states that the main responsibility of a judge is to ensure the proper application of the law to legal situations.

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Judges must also manage and run a courtroom to ensure order and fairness. He or she has to interpret the law to apply it properly. A judge also needs to make quick decisions and be able to draw from his or her knowledge to make fair and just decisions.

Another part of the judge’s duties is to communicate clearly with everyone involved in a legal situation. He or she may have to explain certain points of the law or give instructions to individuals, such as members of the jury.

The judge is the person in charge of a legal case. He or she must see it through from beginning to end, making important decisions rooted in the law along the way to reach a proper conclusion.

Qualities of a Good Judge

Since this job is s demanding, it takes the right person to do it. The following are characteristics that every judge should have.

Substantial Knowledge

A judge should have extensive knowledge of the law and the application of legal principles. The law is complex and difficult. A judge needs not only education in it but also practical experience applying the law to specific situations.

He or she needs to be able to hear legal matters and make fast decisions backed by the law. To do this takes a skilled level of knowledge in this area. For example, Judge Mike Tawil has 28 years of experience in courtroom trial and civil litigation, along with experience in courts at the state and federal level.

Good Character

Counsel Magazine explains a judge should have solid morals and ethics. A judge needs to be fair and not subject to making decisions based on stereotypes, prejudices, or other details that do not pertain to the legal situation at hand.

If a judge has a questionable character it can cloud his or her ability to manage and uphold a courtroom. It is essential that there are no issues in a judge’s background that would ever call his or her character into question.

Fair Temperament

A judge has to deal with a diverse group of people. He or she must be able to keep a level head even when the courtroom heats up or others within the courtroom are acting out.

Temperament is important in making decisions as well since it involves being able to communicate clearly with each party in a case. He or she may have to adjust his or her communication style or methods to properly connect with individuals.

The job requires someone to be patient, compassionate, and courteous even when the situation may be one where others are not acting in the same way.


Being a judge is not an easy task. Judges have to be willing to make unpopular decisions and to make swift moves. He or she must have the courage to stand by his or her decisions, and a judge has to be willing to possibly face backlash from a decision. This takes a strong character and plenty of courage because it is not easy to do what is right and to stand up for moral convictions when others may disagree or be upset by a decision.

The Right Person for the Job

Not everyone is cut out to be a judge. Even lawyers with extensive legal experience may not always be the best candidates for the job.

It really does take someone special to serve in this capacity and be able to handle all the demands of the job. If someone possesses all these characteristics and demonstrates an ability, then he or she may be the right person for the job.

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Important Characteristics Every Judge Should Have