The Importance of Selecting a High-Quality Bacon

By on January 22, 2020
High-quality bacon

Are you the type that just can’t pass up on a recipe that includes bacon? For bacon lovers, it doesn’t even have to come down to a great recipe; a fabulous piece of high-quality bacon can be enjoyed all on its own allowing you to savor its true taste. But here’s the thing, did you know that not all bacon is equal? It could be that you’re actually missing out on the true delicious flavor that is bacon simply by not selecting a high-quality product.

So, let’s take a look at why it’s so important to choose high-quality bacon, and how you can go about picking the best bacon.

Wading Through the Options

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Where it used to be that you may find a couple of varieties at your local grocery store, today there seems to be an overwhelming number of options. Not only that but the newest trend of purchasing groceries online has spread into the bacon industry. What this means is that the first step in selecting high-quality bacon is learning how to wade through the options.

A great way to wade through the options in a rather quick manner is to focus on cut. Typically, there are six cuts that bacon is divided up into. These are side, middle, back (also called Canadian bacon), slab, cottage, and jowl. Each one will taste and look different and can be used in a variety of ways.

What About the Thickness?

Another feature to look for in high-quality bacon is the thickness of the slice. There is thin, regular, and thick-cut. The one you choose should not only be based on personal preference but on how you plan to use it. For example, if you want to be able to slice up the bacon to put it on pizza or in a pasta dish, thick-cut bacon will retain its shape better.

How About Smoking?

Another thing you’ll run into as you shop for bacon is varieties that have been smoked. Take, for example, the smoked bacon available through Tender Belly, which is known to be their “Signature Bacon”. When you smoke bacon, you are instilling flavor into it. What that flavor depends on the smoking process used. Common flavors are hickory, mesquite, and applewood, which all refer to the wood used to smoke the bacon. Then there are those that may have liquid smoke injected into it or ones that used natural or hardwood fuel during the smoking process.

Should You Buy Cured or Uncured Bacon?

And it doesn’t end there. You’ll also be able to choose between cured and uncured bacon. With cured bacon, there is an injection process where the producer can add such things as phosphates, nitrates, salt, sugar, and flavor. When bacon is uncured it means it has gone through a natural curing process.

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Why Do All These Factors Matter?

So, why do all of these different factors matter? The fact is that selecting a higher quality of bacon is going to help with the cooking process, it will provide a richer, truer taste, it tends to hold up and stand on its own in recipes, and it can even last longer.

If you consider yourself a bacon-lover it will be well worth your time to do a little research before you buy.

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The Importance of Selecting a High-Quality Bacon