How The Casino Industry is Using Technology for Rapid Expansion

By on January 22, 2020

Casinos have never had trouble attracting attention in places like Las Vegas and San Diego, but in recent years, the casino industry has made its way online and is expanding into every region of the world. Technology has played an integral role in the industry’s exponential growth, which is expected to continue over the next decade as gambling laws and regulations continue to become more lenient worldwide. With that said, here’s an overview of some of the main ways that casinos are leveraging technology to generate more business:

Reaching a Larger Audience Through Online Play

By creating online casinos that let players enjoy gaming from anywhere, many casino holding companies have significantly increased revenue and market share. Interestingly, these online casinos often provide access to promotions that will provide discounts at the physical casino. Traditional games like casino poker and slots are equally as popular online as they are in real casinos. The worldwide appeal of casino gambling combined with the fact that the market is still relatively untapped in most geographical areas means that there’s plenty of room for growth in the burgeoning online casino industry. 

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Targeted Marketing Through Social Media Platforms

Promoting a casino in real life is pretty straightforward – just make it noticeable, advertise, and place billboards on the side of the road. Trying to capture the attention of a specific audience in a specific region online is a bit more difficult. However, it can be made almost as easy as offline promotions by using the tools available in social media advertising platforms like Facebook Ads. Many casinos use the demographic targeting features in Facebook and YouTube Ads to reach out to a very specific subset of the population. This allows for higher conversion rates and more effective use of ad budgets. 

Third-Party Game Development

Both offline and online casinos rely on third-party game developers like Microgaming for their games’ graphical interfaces and arcade cabinets. Thus, the game development sector is one part of the tech sphere that has been absolutely pivotal for the growth of casino popularity. Prior to the digital gamification of casino games in the 1960s and 70s, casinos were just large buildings containing a bunch of tabletop games. Companies like Microgaming have pioneered the world of virtual casino games like slots and video poker, paving the way for casinos to give players the most engaging and interactive experiences possible. 

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What Does VR and the Future of Tech Hold for Casinos?

In closing, it’s interesting to ponder about the implications that virtual reality (VR) will have in the casino industry. It’s reasonable to expect that within the next few years we should see the widespread adoption of virtual casinos – VR games that would make you feel as though you’re standing in an actual casino. With sensor technology, virtual game rooms could be staged so you’d see not only the dealer but also your friend who lives across the world, standing across the table from you. There’s no question that the first casino companies to get in on the VR wave will generate substantial fortunes and become known as power players in the industry.

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How The Casino Industry is Using Technology for Rapid Expansion