4 Interesting Things to Know About Charcuterie Boards

By on December 18, 2019
Charcuterie Boards

If you need something tasty to serve to a crowd of women over 50, then how about charcuterie boards? Derived from the French for “pork butcher shop,” the term “charcuterie” alone refers to the art of preparing and assembling cured meats. This includes meats like salami, sausages, bacon, confit, and other similar products. These can then be combined with olives, various cheeses, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, bread, and some condiments to form a charcuterie board.

Though you’ll be needing a lot of food, procuring all the necessary ingredients for your charcuterie board can still be quite easy. That’s because you can simply shop fresh products at your local grocery store or through online supermarkets. If you’re thinking about serving a charcuterie board for your next party, here are some interesting things you might want to know:

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It’s easy to prepare

At first, charcuterie boards might sound too fancy and difficult to prepare. But contrary to what you may expect, you don’t need to be an expert chef to pull it off. All you have to do is grab any type of cured meat that you like, cut them into appropriate portions and combine them with other food products. Afterward, all you need to do is arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

It blends contrasting and complementing flavors

While the highlights of a charcuterie board are the generous slices of cured meat, it isn’t complete without an accompanying variety of produce and condiments, Indeed, they’re vital for rounding out the flavors of the meat you’ve chosen. Typically, you’ll want to include various types of cheese—whether coming in the form of firm slices or soft and creamy cheese dips. You can also add some toast, fruits, veggies, crackers, nuts, and seeds. And for the condiments, you’ll want to add some mustard, jam, honey spreads, and more. Ideally, a charcuterie board should have a blend of contrasting and complementing flavors which makes it more fun to both serve and eat.

The presentation is key

Your charcuterie board might not be as appetizing if its presentation is lacking. This is why you might need to unleash your creativity in arranging all the assembled food. Done correctly, all your guests will want to keep digging in without hesitation. If you want to go for authenticity, you’ll want to lay everything on top of a serving board made from natural wood. However, if you’re not a fan of the vintage and rustic style of wooden boards, you can also make do with whatever plate you may have at home. And if you want to make your charcuterie dish pop, you can add bright colors through your choice of side dishes and condiments. 


It’s more fun to eat with your hands

A charcuterie board is best enjoyed if you’re eating it with your hands. Though you can still enjoy the experience while using a spoon or a fork, you can better savor the flavors by doing away with utensils altogether. 

A charcuterie board is often served as an appetizer but you can also make it as fulfilling as the main course through a bigger serving. And whether you’re preparing food for a party or a simple outdoor gathering, it’s great to keep your guests well-fed and happy. Indeed, it’s a truly flexible platter that you can serve for all sorts of occasions.


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4 Interesting Things to Know About Charcuterie Boards